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The Immerse Education Maths Summer School offers students the opportunity to explore mathematics beyond the classroom and uncover what it would be like as a mathematics student at university. During the two week programme, you will discover how to elevate your thinking from finding an answer, to finding a proof. Expert tutors from world-leading universities teach you how to write using notation and how to approach mathematics not as a set of given rules to be accepted and followed, but as a series of arguments to be scrutinised and challenged. Find out more below!
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Unparalleled academic programmes

for residential programmes
16-18 years old


Academic Insights • 16-18 years old
Academic Insights
16-18 years
Gain advanced pre-university insights into Mathematics at Cambridge University colleges

About the Immerse Mathematics Summer School

Mathematics is a powerful tool, and its influence can be found in multiple fields. From engineering, medicine and the sciences to finance, economics and business, maths is a broad subject that offers many prosperous avenues. With encouragement for university tutors, you will explore a range of mathematical topics from constructive mathematics to abstract vector spaces attempting to find proofs for the range of theories that you encounter.

For the duration of the two-week programme you will live and study in a university college, combining mathematical study with the independent lifestyle of a university student. You’ll be living and learning with students of all nationalities who will quickly become your friends as you embark on adventures and activities together to discover the city around you.

Are you looking for insight into what it would be like to study Mathematics at university? You can find more information about our award-winning programmes above.

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I have made lots of friends who I plan to stay in contact with, and the program has improved my mathematical knowledge and my determination and desire to succeed.

George B
Attended Immerse in 2018
Residential Summer Programme Student

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Mathematics?
Mathematics is the scientific study of numbers, shapes, and arrangement. Do you know that mathematics is the language of science? Without mathematics, science will not have the accuracy that allows it to repeat experiments and analyse data.

Why is it important to study?
Because it’s the numerical building block of everything around you. Computers, software, buildings, money, and other constructions won’t be possible without mathematics.

If you go back in human history, you’ll discover that mathematics births civilisations. Society can’t advance in its culture and technology without a good grasp of mathematics. The more a civilisation masters mathematics, the more progress it has.

You don’t have to look far. Check out the device you’re using to read this content. Do you know that mathematics is the core of every computer? The only way programmers can master complex systems is by studying the underlying mathematical concepts.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics declares a 33% employment growth for mathematicians and statisticians from 2020 to 2030. Resulting in about 5,200 job openings per year.

What about in the UK? The top careers in demand for mathematicians include auditors, software developers, actuaries, statisticians, and financial analysts.

Immerse Education offers both online and residential courses for Mathematics. For the residential courses, the location is at the University of Cambridge.

You don’t need prior skills, experience, or learning to take the residential course for Mathematics. But having a genuine interest in mathematics is valuable. You’ll also receive work before your summer program starts, ensuring that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to make the most of your summer course.

Matrix Calculus
You can find matrices everywhere. From equations and complex numbers to geometric transformations and physics particles! This module will give you a massive advantage in any scientific discipline you wish to undertake. How? By developing the skill in matrix calculus. You’ll start from the basic linear systems. Then create the formalism of matrices via the Gauss-Jordan method.

Real Analysis
The Real Analysis module helps you see how math affects the modern world. Here you’ll explore various concepts and definitions, including numbers, sequences, series, and limits of functions. Then you’ll investigate how infinite series makes it possible for computers to calculate functions. In this way, you don’t only learn to ‘write mathematics.’ But also apply it in actual reality.

Vector Spaces
What is a vector space? It’s a group of vectors you can add or multiply by numbers. Studying vector spaces lets you see the underlying geometry arising from algebra. This class introduces you to higher-dimensional spaces. Your eyes won’t be able to see it. But your mind can, through algebra! So why do you need to study vector spaces? It comes in handy when you learn the theory of relativity. Understanding how a four-dimensional vector space works is invaluable to deciphering the theory.

Project Presentation
The Project Presentation will be the most exciting day of the whole programme. It’s when you and your like-minded peers can share your mathematical interests. Develop your presentation skills and build your confidence. Then receive insightful feedback so you can improve further!

Motivated students ages 16-18 are best suited for the residential Mathematics course at the University of Cambridge. Are you looking to take mathematics as your major or minor at the university? Taking this course will get you far ahead of the competition!

And if you want to learn from expert Cambridge tutors, you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity!

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