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Globalisation, free trade, taxation, and public spending - these are all topics that are making the headlines, and it’s never been a more prescient time to learn about this fascinating field. Through our Economics courses, you’ll explore not only a variety of key economic theories but also the practical application of these theories. In other words, you’ll understand the ‘invisible hand’ that influences the world in which we live. From investment banking and trading, consultancy, research, and policy-making, the career opportunities after studying Economics are diverse. You will have the opportunity to study a range of economics that is much wider than that available at school, and in a way that encourages critical engagement with the theory. In other words, our expert tutors will teach you how to be an excellent Economist.
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13-18 years old

Oxbridge 1:1 Research Programme • 13-18 years old
Oxbridge 1:1 Research Programme
13-18 years

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