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Where Do We Offer Computer Science?

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What to Expect in a Computer Science Programme

Computer Science propels technological advancement, impacting diverse fields through algorithms, data analysis, and innovative solutions. It underpins the digital age, driving progress and innovation across various domains, from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity. Our Computer Science summer programmes give participants an in-depth exploration of computer systems, software engineering, and data structures, taking inspiration from the comprehensive syllabus of an undergraduate Computer Science degree.

Beyond delivering captivating content, our computer science summer schools prioritise skill development. If your goal is to become a proficient coder, enrolling in an Immerse computer science course is an excellent choice.
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Meet some of our Qualified Tutors

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Younesse K. Tutor
Younesse K

Younesse Kaddar is a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford, having previously studied at the University of Cambridge and Paris-Saclay.

Our tutors are highly qualified with Oxbridge training. Each tutor is certified by Immerse, ensuring participants receive the highest level of education. Tutors are at the heart of our programmes and are dedicated to providing guidance, support, and constructive feedback to help participants achieve their academic objectives. Read more about our expert tutors.

What Do Our Alumni Say About Immerse?

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Why Immerse?

Immerse Education offers a lot more than your average summer school provider. Our programmes ignite a lifelong educational journey, nurturing growth with ongoing educational support, while equipping you with essential skill sets for every step of your education pathways.

We cater to all types of learners, offering academic and career programmes with flexible learning options, and offer our award-winning programmes in locations across the globe.

We have the highest educational standards and seek to realise the highest possible outcomes for our participants.

Enrolling in an Immerse Education programme will award you:

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What is a Computer Science programme and why is it important to study?

What is computer science?

It’s the study of computers. That includes algorithmic processes, applications, hardware and software, and societal impact.

Why is it important to study computer science?

Because when you understand how computer technology works, you can use them to solve problems. Businesses use computers to stay ahead in the game. Even government agencies need computers to store and analyse massive amounts of information.

Also, did you know that learning computer science teaches you how to create new technologies? That’s right. You can develop your own applications, software and hardware to serve your purpose.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates computer and information technology occupations to grow 13% from 2020 to 2030. Resulting in 667,600 new jobs. Oh, do you know that the median annual wage is $97,430?

What are the computer and information technology occupations available right now? Computer and information research scientists, computer network architects, computer programmers, computer system analysts, information security analysts, software developers, and web developers.

In the UK, an average of 5,000 web designer and data analyst roles are open.

Immerse Education offers both online and residential courses for Computer Science. The residential course is available in the UK Cambridge and Oxford.

You don’t need prior skills, experience, or learning to take the residential course for computer science. But having an active interest in the subject is helpful.

Computer Science students should expect to be introduced to topics such as the below:

Introduction to Programming (Python)

If there are 7,099 spoken languages, guess how many programming languages there are? If you guessed 8,900, you’re right! Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the 21st century. Why? Because it’s both easy to learn and highly functional. In this module, you’ll learn about python basics, syntax, and semantics.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two of the most exciting fields in Computer Science and Engineering. What’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)? It’s the machine’s imitation of human intelligence. And Machine Learning? It’s the use and development of computer systems capable of AI.

Where does Robotics come into the picture?

It’s the intersection between AI and Machine Learning. You’ll consider the practical implications of Robotics in this module. And you’ll learn how to program robots using Raspberry Pi and Python.

Scripting For The Web – Javascript

Do you know that JavaScript is one of the main programming languages for the Web? In this lesson, you’ll learn how to bring your site to life and make it more responsive with a touch of JavaScript.

How about HTML and CSS?

If you use them, your website is mostly static. But if you use JavaScript, you can add actions and responses to make it more interactive for your user.

Presenting Programming Project

This is where you present your findings and programmed solution to your peers and tutors. About what, you ask? Excellent question! In the beginning, you’ll have to come up with a problem from a list of topics. Then, for the next two weeks, you’ll create a solution as you learn programming skills throughout the programme.

What Topics With 16-18yrs Old Learn In Computer Science Summer Courses?

For the residential Computer Science course in Cambridge available to 16-18yr olds, the topics are:

Programming With Python
You will tackle programming tasks using Python in this session. As you progress, you’ll start to think programmatically. And you’ll learn to break down problems and use Python as the solution.

Object-Oriented Programming With Python

What does Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) mean? It’s programming based on components as “objects.” Objects self-contain code units and they have their own functionality and state. You can create more powerful presentations by building layers of these “objects.” While also simplifying and promoting the reuse of code.

Databases and Big Data

Do you know that we produce an estimate of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day? That’s 2500 million gigabytes! Massive amounts of data that are difficult to analyse are what we call “Big Data.”

To process and manage Big Data, we need relational databases. This is because relational databases are efficient data storage systems.

Personal Project Presentation

You’ll present your work and findings throughout the course in the Personal Project Presentation. Here you’ll have experience critical evaluation by your peers and tutor. A necessary step to solidify everything you’ve learned throughout the 2-week summer school.

The residential Computer Science courses are best suited for motivated participants ages 13-18. Are you planning to take computer science-related courses at the university? Taking this course will give you a massive headstart against your competition.

Do you want to learn from expert tutors from the University of Cambridge and Oxford? If you say “yes,” then this course is for you!

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