Immerse Education Manifesto

About the Manifesto

Immerse Education was founded with the aim of providing motivated young students with access to unparalleled educational experiences. Since 2012, we are proud to have educated thousands of students on our exceptional academic enrichment programmes in inspirational locations, including the colleges of Cambridge University.

The Immerse Education Manifesto aims to represent the values we adopt, not only in an educational context, but as an organisation in general. We believe that by adhering to these principles, we can deliver the highest standards of educational content, create positive experiences for all of our stakeholders, and realise the potential of anyone who encounters Immerse Education. These values are at the heart of what we do, and we ensure that every student leaves our programmes with new-found expertise and enthusiasm to plan the next stages of their education with confidence.

We are motivated by pioneering innovative approaches to education, through collaboration with faculty from leading universities, focusing on academic rigour and stimulating intellectual curiosity for students. Below you will find a series of statements and explanations that summarise our ethos and our vision for our summer programmes.

Knowledge is empowerment

“Believe in yourself”

At Immerse, we promote confidence as a mindset for success. We believe that confidence is key to the learning process, and endeavour to develop this in each of our participants. We achieve this through providing participants with the knowledge and support that will empower them to achieve their full potential. Our aim is to encourage confident learners, let this facilitate the learning process and diminish the chances of low confidence inhibiting potential.

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Curiosity fuels achievement

“Replace fear with curiosity”

Joy of discovery, motivation to seek answers and desire for exploration are key to the learning process. At Immerse, we believe in supporting curiosity as a value in our staff as well as our participants. The learning environment can have the biggest impact on encouraging curiosity, therefore we are dedicated to creating a stimulating classroom environment for our participants, through engaging curricula and inspirational tutors.

There is no growth without challenge

“Challenge yourself constantly”

At Immerse, we believe that learning should be constant and individuals who constantly seek opportunities to grow and develop will thrive. Those who adopt a growth mindset are proven to be more motivated, less stressed and have higher performance levels. We aim to instil this mindset in our participants and staff by creating an atmosphere where failure is impossible, and trial and error is celebrated.


Education is more than exams

“Think outside the box”

We believe that learning is about exploration and creativity – not box-checking. Our aim is to create engaging curricula that take the focus from grades and testing, and move towards a holistic understanding of a subject. We are confident that our creative and innovative approach to teaching encourages the most potential and progress in our participants.

Personal Differences Create Collective Strength

“Broaden your horizons”

At Immerse, cultural enrichment is at the heart of our values. We believe that different perspectives encourage a cooperative and dynamic environment. We promote respect and understanding of one another and champion collaboration as a vehicle to achieve our goals.

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Pathways to success are unique

“Embrace your individuality”

We adopt a personal approach to everything we do at Immerse. We believe everyone has their own learning style and perspective, and therefore encourage participants to celebrate their individuality. We treat each of our participants uniquely, from providing personalised learning plans to individualised feedback that ensures the highest educational standards. Tutors are encouraged to take an adaptive approach to teaching, to encourage individual learning style, level and personal interest of their participants – ensuring the most effective learning outcomes.