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Experience our New York Summer programmes, tailored for middle and high school students aged 15-18, who embrace an exceptional and enriching educational journey. Join us as young learners delve into a diverse array of subjects, immersing themselves in the vibrant academic atmosphere of this leading institution.

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New York

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Step into the heart of our New York Summer programmes, thoughtfully curated to provide a glimpse into career pathways while embracing the innovative energy that defines this dynamic metropolis. We provide students with exceptional instruction, sparking curiosity through interactive workshops and personalised mentorship.
Beyond the world of work, these programmes encompass social and cultural experiences, enabling students to connect with peers and create lifelong memories. The New York Summer Experience is designed to ignite intellectual curiosity, foster personal growth, and prepare students for their career and personal journeys.

About our Accommodation

Accommodation for our NYC summer school programmes will be held in the prestigious Barnard College, Columbia  University and its respective campuses.

Nestled in the heart of Morningside Heights, Manhattan, Barnard College, Columbia University’s campuses provide unparalleled access to renowned New York City attractions in all directions. With its strategic location between thriving neighbourhoods, we leverage our prime spot to organise field trips to key industry hubs across the city, enabling you to savour the city’s remarkable culinary delights, diverse culture, and captivating history.

Our accommodation serve as a welcoming and practical hub for your exploration of this dynamic metropolis, enhancing your overall experience.

About Immerse Education

Immerse Education was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing students aged 13-18 with unparalleled educational experiences. We have educated thousands of students from around the world through our exceptional academic enrichment programmes in the leading academic institutions.

At Immerse, we are committed to the highest quality of education. Our programmes are unique in their focus on academic rigour, stimulating our participant’s intellectual curiosity in their chosen subjects.

Please note that Immerse Education is an independent organisation that privately contracts with New York colleges and is not affiliated to the University of New York nor its constituent colleges.

To learn more about Immerse Education, please visit our About Us page.

Programmes available

New York Summer Courses

Career Insights Programmes in New York

Our Alumni Says

The program helped me prepare for university because it allowed me to get to know the course and the subjects that I would study. The course content was really interesting. There was not only theoretical learning, but also practical mock trials. We needed to prepare ourselves for the mock trial, and look at the legal basis of our arguments and defence.

After the trial, and throughout the programme, we all got really helpful feedback on our work. I now know the most important aspects that I need to work on to pursue my chosen career in Law.

Samuel H
Attended Immerse in 2022
Career Insights, London

Immerse Education Summer Course in New York

The programme experience is meticulously tailored to align with individual interests and strengths, encouraging each participant to fully unleash their potential. This programme surpasses traditional summer offerings, focusing on intellectually stimulating courses against the backdrop of New York’s iconic landmarks and diverse neighbourhoods.

Connect with our local mentor families, comprised of students deeply connected to the spirit of New York, coming together to provide an authentic insight into life in this bustling city. Throughout your New York summer experience, engage in a variety of activities that resonate with the city’s unique offerings, ensuring you have ample opportunities to explore iconic landmarks and the neighbourhoods you’re most excited to experience firsthand.

Live the life of a NYC student

The experience of living and learning in New York is unparalleled. Each part of the city carries its own distinct history and character, reflecting the diversity and innovation that define the Big Apple.

Immerse Education’s New York Summer School offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to engage in a rich tapestry of educational and cultural experiences. Beyond the classroom, students have the chance to explore the vibrant city of New York and its iconic landmarks. From strolling through Central Park and admiring the dazzling lights of Times Square to ascending the Empire State Building for breathtaking panoramic views, the city becomes an immersive classroom itself.

Visits to renowned museums, as well as historic sites such as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island offer a glimpse into America’s past. Immerse Education’s New York summer programs seamlessly blends learning with exploration, allowing students to cultivate their intellect while creating lasting memories in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

Discover more about the venues that come to life during the New York Summer Experience.

If you’re interested in competing against other students from a scholarship, check out the Immerse Education essay competition. Winners are awarded a full or partial scholarship to the summer programme or online course of a chosen subject. International students from all over the world take part in the opportunity to live and study like a Cambridge student, and to develop their academic skills in Cambridge whilst also taking part in a wide variety of social activities and field trips.

Hear from Previous Summer's Students

The Career Insights programme has been great. I’ve been interacting with so many different people from different cultures and different countries, and it’s been fun to learn new things about business management that I didn’t know earlier. We’ve learned about different things in business like cryptocurrency, marketing, marketing strategies and advertising. We completed our own project about brand management which has been really interesting. In our project, we created our own brand and own product along with an advertising campaign to sell it to consumers.

Throughout the programme, I’ve noticed myself developing and changing into a more confident individual who has more clarity of his future. It gives you more clarity on how to present projects in front of educators, and it gives you an edge over the rest.

Armaan S
Attended Immerse in 2022
Career Insights Business Management Participant

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