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Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit with Immerse Education's Entrepreneurship Summer School Programme—two weeks of idea incubation and innovation. Craft visionary ventures and navigate risk, fostering economic growth and societal change. Join pioneers who transform concepts into reality, shaping landscapes and defining new possibilities.
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Entrepreneurship Summer School
San Francisco
15-18 years old


Career Insights - San Francisco • 15-18 years old
Career Insights - San Francisco
San Francisco
15-18 years
For 15-18 year olds interested in studying Entrepreneurship, our summer programme offers the perfect opportunity to explore your subject in depth ahead of committing to more advanced study.
Hear from other students

I’ve enjoyed meeting new people with Immerse, people who have different passions than I do and are studying different courses – I have learned a lot from them.
Lady Margaret Hall, the college I’m staying in, is such a beautiful college. It’s got so many different areas we can study and play and have fun. I’ve also been learning so much about computer science, which is something I really enjoy.

I’m finding the course content extremely useful. I’ve learned so much in these two weeks and we’ve covered so many new topics that I hadn’t heard of. The relationship with my teacher has been fabulous – I can communicate with him very easily, and the teaching style is what I had expected, with university-style teaching methods.

I think this program has really helped me to to change my ideas about what I could expect from university, and it’s really helped me to make sure I enjoyed what I want to study in the future.

Gonzalo R
Attended Immerse in 2022
Residential Computer Science (16 - 18)
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Entrepreneurship Summer Programmes For High School Students

Immerse Education’s Entrepreneurship summer programme ignites innovation and enterprise. Explore the journey from idea to market analysis, crafting business plans and honing elevator pitches. Through interactive sessions, real-world simulations, and dynamic discussions, refine your strategic thinking and entrepreneurial acumen.

Guided by experienced entrepreneurs and business experts, the programme stimulates collaborative ventures, market research, and participatory dialogues that enhance your understanding of entrepreneurship and its challenges. Personalised mentorship and constructive feedback empower you to unlock your potential and excel in the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship fuels innovation, fostering startups and innovation ecosystems. It drives economic growth, encourages transformative ideas, and empowers individuals to shape the future. Immerse Education’s Entrepreneurship Summer School Programme ignites innovation in a two-week journey, from idea incubation to venture creation. Prepare for an influential future within organisations that are shaping economic landscapes.

Furthermore, our entrepreneurship summer school provides not only valuable insights but also a focus on hard and soft skill enhancement. If your aspiration is to thrive in the entrepreneurial world, choosing an Immerse programme in this field is a wise choice to nurture your business acumen and innovation skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Entrepreneurship programme about?
Immerse™ Entrepreneurship summer programs foster idea incubation, market analysis, and venture creation. Explore the journey from concept to enterprise, mastering the art of innovation and business strategy.

Why study Entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurs drive economic progress and social change. From startups to global corporations, they shape industries. By studying Entrepreneurship, you join the ranks of visionaries who turn ideas into reality, creating solutions that shape markets and communities.


Entrepreneurs don’t have to start their own businesses to excel and have impact. They thrive in startup ecosystems, business consultancies, innovation hubs, and more – essentially, anywhere where their entrepreneurial mindset can help one or several businesses flourish.

Graduates can pursue roles in venture creation, business strategy, market analysis, and disruptive innovation. The domain of Entrepreneurship offers platforms to turn ideas into enterprises, shape industry dynamics, and contribute to the dynamic interplay of innovation and economic evolution.


Currently, Immerse Education offers a residential, career focused Entrepreneurship summer programme in San Francisco.

Immerse’s programmes are inclusive to all, irrespective of prior entrepreneurial exposure. A zeal for turning ideas into ventures, curiosity about market dynamics, and a tenacity for navigating business landscapes are useful assets on this journey of innovation.


Although your instructor moulds the precise curriculum and it might differ, we ensure a wide-ranging array of subjects influenced by university syllabi and entry-level roles in interconnected arenas.

The syllabus overview will detail the topics intended for your personalised course. Our entrepreneurial program’s aim is to nurture a well-rounded understanding of the soft and hard skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneurship course will with individuals captivated by innovation, curious about market dynamics, and driven to shape business landscapes through consultancy or starting their own business.

If you have a passion for turning ideas into ventures and understanding economic evolution, this entrepreneurial summer course provides a platform to explore the dynamic realm of business leadership.



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