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Discover the complex world of criminology with Immerse Education's Criminology Academic Insights Programme – a two-week summer experience focusing on intellectual discovery and hands-on learning. From criminal psychology to issues in the justice system, gain insights into this multifaceted field and enjoy exploring diverse areas, including what leads people to commit crimes, how society responds, and how we can build safer communities. Shape the future of criminology, public policy, and criminal justice as you immerse yourself in this intellectually stimulating field.
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Criminology Summer School
16-18 years old


Academic Insights • 16-18 years old
Academic Insights
16-18 years
The Immerse Education Criminology programme in Cambridge is designed for 16-18 year olds, and provides a comprehensive look at criminal psychology, justice systems, and ethical considerations.
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The Immerse programme has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my whole life, to be honest! In psychology I’ve studied behavioural psychology, cognitive psychology, and we had a whole day to study gender and sexuality because it’s my tutor’s specialty.

For my personal project, I decided to do research about the correlation between the time adolescents spend on their phone and their levels of concentration. We learned about the aspects of the experiment that we could improve upon, such as the diversity of people asked, and the variation of demographics.

I really enjoyed the London and Oxford excursions, but I’d say the Oxford one was my favourite, because it looked like home for me – it reminds me of Brazil for some reason! I loved it, and London was also amazing.

Pilar C
Attended Immerse in 2022
Residential Psychology (16 - 18)

About the Immerse Criminology Summer Programme

Immerse Education’s Criminology Academic Insights programme offers an immersive journey into exploring criminal psychology, justice systems, and reform efforts. From forensic psychology to issues of inequality, delve into advancements shaping societies. Through interactive sessions, hands-on experiences, and in-depth discussions, high school students can refine their understanding of the interdisciplinary field of criminology.

Guided by experienced legal experts and respected educators, this academic summer programme alternative encourages analysing real cases, exploring diverse viewpoints, and engaging in interactive discussions that deepen your comprehension of criminology’s concepts and challenges. Personalised mentorship and constructive feedback empower you to unlock your potential as a future social science student and excel in the transformative realm of criminology.

Understand the criminal justice system, its theories, policies, and practices, and how they shape responses to crime and victimisation. Students will gain insights into the history and development of policing, its ethics, and its impact on social diversity. Address social inequalities, with a focus on socio-economic disparities and their influence on crime. 

By the end of the programme, students can expect to have gained new skills, critical thinking, analytical skills as well as in-depth knowledge which will inspire further study at a degree level and a future career.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our criminology summer programme?

What is Criminology? Immerse™ Criminology courses explore criminal behaviour analysis, forensic science, justice systems, and sociological factors. You’ll acquire the practical skills necessary for studying crime.

Why Study Criminology? It delves into societal issues. With evolving crime dynamics and increasingly polemicised discussions about justice systems, it offers opportunities to innovate, conduct crucial research, and shape the future of law enforcement and social justice. You’ll prepare for a dynamic career in emerging fields of criminal justice.

Professionals in criminology embark on diverse and fulfilling career paths, thriving in a range of sectors within the realm of criminal justice. These paths encompass roles in law enforcement, criminal profiling, legal consulting, and academia. In these capacities, individuals may serve as detectives, skilled in unraveling complex cases, or forensic analysts, adept at collecting and analysing evidence.

Criminologists delve deep into the study of criminal behaviour, while legal advisors provide essential guidance in the intricate world of law. Esteemed professors within academia impart knowledge to the next generation of criminology professionals. The skills acquired extend beyond criminology, finding relevance in related fields such as criminal law, forensic science, and social policy analysis.

Immerse Education offers a residential Criminology summer course in Cambridge, UK.

Your curriculum will be thoughtfully customised by your tutor, ensuring a unique and engaging learning experience.

Immerse’s Criminology programmes consistently encompass a wide array of subjects within the field’s established academic framework, catering to the fundamental knowledge requirements for those entering this captivating discipline.

The syllabus meticulously outlines the course content, facilitating a thorough understanding of the essential theories underpinning criminology, ranging from ethics and sociology to law and criminal psychology, providing a solid foundation for your undergraduate studies in criminology.

Below are just some of the topics that will be covered in our Criminology programme:

  • Crime
  • Data and the social world
  • Criminal justice
  • Media and society
  • Youth justice
  • Social inequalities

Students captivated by moral quandaries, enthusiastic about social theories, and intrigued by the dynamics of criminal justice should consider delving into the field of criminology.

If you possess a fervour for analysing intricate ethical dilemmas within the context of societal norms and enjoy engaging in substantive discussions about the complexities of criminal behaviour and justice systems, then the field of criminology offers you a gateway to a realm where you can actively contribute to understanding and addressing these critical issues.

This course opens doors to a world of exploration and inquiry, where you can unravel the mysteries of human behaviour, the intricacies of justice, and the multifaceted nature of society’s response to crime.

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