Zohayb studied computer science at Queen Mary University London, he's working as a Software Engineer and also has ambitions to start his own business

What has your journey looked like education and work-wise since your time at Immerse?

Since Immerse, I went to study economics at New York University. I left after two years to complete a computer science degree from Queen Mary University London. Since then, I have been working as a software engineer at a fintech company that provides financial services to lower incomes families in Pakistan. I am now pursuing a business degree from the McCombs School of Business in Austin.

Immerse was a unique and impactful experience. The extensive academic and social programmes were condensed into a short period and yet led to great experiences and friendships.

Zohayb has his mind set on starting an artificial intelligence company

What are your future plans?

My future plan is to start an artificial intelligence company in Austin. The business would focus on natural language processing tools to enhance and speed up how we learn and understand content that is consumed online.

Zohayb encourages students to be curious and driven about learning

What advice would you give to students joining Immerse programmes?

Do not be afraid to try new things and even different types of courses. Many academic knowledge bases are interconnected and can you can benefit from learning slightly different subjects to what you’re used to. Follow what you find interesting, be curious about learning, and have the drive to learn.

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