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  International Relations

In 2021, Alice participated in Immerse Education’s Essay Competition, an international writing contest for teens, with the chance of winning a free summer course with Immerse.

Alice was among few fortunate participants to win a partial scholarship to attend International Relations in the summer of 2021 with Immerse.

She has shared her testimonial for future participants to learn more about the Immerse experience and the usefulness of our summer courses.

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Why did you decide to enrol onto an Immerse Education programme?

”I decided to enrol onto an Immerse programme after one of my teachers told our class about the summer school and the opportunity to participate in the Immerse Education Essay Competition.

I was very inspired and so entered the essay writing contest in the hopes I would win a scholarship.”

What did you learn from your time with Immerse Education?

"I really value the friendships I made during my Immerse summer and the perspectives through which I got to analyse different events - I attended the International Relations programme.

My experience at Immerse was really helpful in giving me insight on what it means to study international relations at university level. The foundation I consolidated, thanks to the summer course, will surely help me in my future studies!"

How did the Immerse programme help you with your university application?

”Though I haven't applied for university just yet, the Immerse International Relations programme definitely helped me when it came to choosing my academic path.

I am now sure that this is the programme I wish to study at university, so it’s given me a secure understanding of the route I wish to take.

I have one year of high school left but looking ahead to university, I am most looking forward to deepening the knowledge that I gain on the Immerse summer programme.”

Would you recommend the Immerse Education programmes to other prospective students?

”I would recommend the Immerse experience to everyone! There are courses in all the subjects and they are all well-structured and really interesting. In only two weeks I learned a lot about different theories in International Relations and applied them to so many different contexts.

I was able to reflect on various events and situations in ways I had never thought of before. The course has been a great growing opportunity! I also had the chance to meet people from all over the world and made some incredible new friends! This is another aspect of Immerse that I really appreciate.”

Would you recommend Immerse Education to prospective university candidates?

"I would highly recommend the Immerse Education summer programme to anyone looking to advance their skills and ease the transition to university."

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I thought my tutor was very accommodating and helpful, he explained complex topics in easy to digest ways and was very patient with me when I struggled in understanding something.

Ahmed T

Attended Immerse in 2020