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Amal S


  Biology Academic Insights

Amal participated in the Immerse Education Essay Competition in 2021 and successfully secured a partial scholarship to attend 16-18 Biology programme in the summer of 2021.

Since attending the Immerse Education summer programme, we’re proud to share that Amal has successfully secured a place at Cambridge University to further his studies in Biology! Amal shared his Immerse testimonial with us and talks about how our programme supported his journey to university and beyond.

Read on to hear his story.

University Of Cambridge

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International Relations



School Year

Why did you decide to enrol onto an Immerse Education programme?

”I decided to enrol onto an Immerse programme after one of my teachers told our class about the summer school and the opportunity to participate in the Immerse Education Essay Competition.

I was very inspired and so entered the essay writing contest in the hopes I would win a scholarship.”

What did you learn from your time with Immerse Education?

"I really value the friendships I made during my Immerse summer and the perspectives through which I got to analyse different events - I attended the International Relations programme.

My experience at Immerse was really helpful in giving me insight on what it means to study international relations at university level. The foundation I consolidated, thanks to the summer course, will surely help me in my future studies!"

"Whilst the small tutor group style workshops were really productive - having to provide ideas and answers to difficult questions was a little daunting at first. Yet, it really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

I was able to become comfortable with this university seminar style way of learning, and grew confident in sharing my ideas and opinions - it’s a skill that I really developed with Immerse, and one that will be really helpful when I start university.

I believe this is what has supported my transition to university."

How did the Immerse programme help you with your university application?

"Our entire two-week course covered some of the harder aspects of biology, and so being forced to really focus and develop my knowledge on topics that I would usually stay away from has made me a much better Biologist overall.

This has been invaluable in tackling my Cambridge university application.

Whether it was the entrance exam or my interviews, the extra confidence boost really helped through the entire process."

Would you recommend Immerse Education to prospective university candidates?

"I would highly recommend the Immerse Education summer programme to anyone looking to advance their skills and ease the transition to university."

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I thought my tutor was very accommodating and helpful, he explained complex topics in easy to digest ways and was very patient with me when I struggled in understanding something.

Ahmed T

Attended Immerse in 2020