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How has Immerse Education helped Elif with her University application?

Elif wanted to do something that would reinforce her interest in Chemistry. After looking at the Immerse programmes, she decided upon the Online Research Programme, with the focus of her report being on drug chemistry and the biosynthesis of chemicals.

Throughout the programme, Elif carried out many extracurricular activities, and found a huge amount of enjoyment in her subject. When it got to the point where Elif was applying for University, she described her programme and all that she had learned from Immerse Education, which made her stand out from other applicants.

“I didn’t know that the chemistry of drugs would be an area that I would pursue, but when I started the course it became more clear that I should definitely go for it”

Elif valued the research-skill development elements of the course, this helped her to build her research paper writing skills. She also thoroughly enjoyed the more technical parts of the course, including how to format a report and develop a relevant literature review.

What did you value about the Immerse Education Online Research Programme?

Do you think that your experience with Immerse Education has prepared you for University?

“Overall, this was the perfect programme. The research sessions and 1-1 teaching sessions were perfectly combined and it gave me a taste of what to expect at Oxford in terms of teaching methods. I also learned other skills like how to write research papers, how to find a research topic and how to find literature to reinforce my arguments.”

How did the Immerse programme help you with your university application?

The programme really helped with Elif’s personal statement for Oxford. Her experience on the programme equipped her with new subject knowledge and university-level academic writing skills to showcase in her personal statement. This enabled her to stand out in her application to the University of Oxford.

The programme demonstrated that she’s a perfect fit for the course she chose and the university academic style.

In Elif’s interview, she was able to explain what she came to like and appreciate about chemistry more articulately through her experience on the course.

“It gave me a lot of beneficial information to show in my personal statement, and even though I carried out other extracurricular activities this experience helped me the most in personal statement.”

What are you most looking forward to at Oxford University?

“I’m most excited about the social life and visiting Oxford. I have an orientation coming up soon and I cannot wait to attend.”

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