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Immerse Alumni, Catrina, shares her career journey since Immerse

What did you learn about yourself while at Immerse?

By taking part in the Immerse programme, I learned about creativity in business and teamwork. I enjoyed my time on the summer camp programme and made many new connections with different people, I got involved with new types of sports (frisbee) and made lasting friendships. Most importantly, the staff at Immerse gave me recognition for my work and made me feel valued. This positive environment definitely contributed to me applying to the UK for university.

Immerse Alumni Graduation
Catrina is completing a masters in management and biotechnology and will be starting a new role at McKinsey
arrival day

What has your journey looked like education and work-wise since your time at Immerse?

At age 17 I started studying Natural Sciences (Biochemistry with Chemistry) at the University of Bath where I also won a music scholarship for two years. I then decided to pursue my interest in science and business by completing an MSc in Management from LSE and an MSc in Biotechnology from Bath. I am now about to start at McKinsey in October 2022.

I’m planning to make full use of McKinsey’s opportunities including going abroad for half a year and possibly doing an MBA programme in the US after two years of work.

Getting exposure to students with different perspectives helped her to prepare for university

How did you find Immerse helped you on your journey?

Immerse gave me a positive environment to explore my interests and staff were very motivational. I also met many other students who were aiming to apply to top UK universities as well, this was a nice change since I only had contact with students who were thinking of studying in Germany after A-levels.

Catrina suggests that students surround themselves yourself with positive, motivational people

What advice would you give to students joining Immerse programmes?

Surround yourself with positive, motivational people that you can look up to. Do not be shy to follow your dreams, even if your family or other people close to you do not fully support this. Going abroad for study is a very valuable experience that will enable you to grow on many levels, not just academically.


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