Clemens studied Biology up until post-graduate level. He is now a scholar and owner of the brand Sciencerely on YouTube

What has your journey looked like education and work-wise since your time at Immerse?

After Immerse, I decided to study Biology at the University of Vienna with an exchange at Imperial College London where I became interested in the role of epigenetics in development of disease. For my postgraduate studies I enrolled in the Master’s programme “Human Biology” at Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich. Right now, I am conducting my PhD research as part of the International Max Planck Research School for Life Sciences at LMU. Besides that, I am also an active science communicator with my brand “Sciencerely” on YouTube which recently has been awarded with the “Science Influencer Award” hosted by Merck and the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Furthermore, I am working as an independent consultant for biomedical companies which aim to communicate and promote their work.

After I have completed my PhD studies I aim to stay in academia and further investigate the role of gene expression on the maintenance and differentiation of cells. I also want to discuss more fascinating scientific topics on “Sciencerely” and establish a network where scientists can share their research.

The fascinating discoveries on his Immerse programme confirmed his decision to become a biomedical researcher

How did you find Immerse helped you on that journey?

The Medicine course offered by Immerse has taught me the beautiful complexity of the human body. We can discover fascinating processes in the whole body but also in single tissues and cells. Especially learning about the activity of genes and how they shape the identity of cells has been fascinating to me. My participation in the Immerse programme has supported me in my decision to become a biomedical researcher.

He encourages students to enjoy their time and participate in all Immerse has to offer

What advice would you give to students joining Immerse programmes?

Enjoy Immerse and participate in the courses and fun activities. You will definitely make new friends and have a memorable time! I can definitely recommend Immerse to anyone who has an idea of what they want to study and wants to experience it prior to university.

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