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oxbridge 1:1 research programme
4 hours | 10 hours | 20 hours • Available year-round
The Oxbridge Online Research Programme matches you with an expert academic from Oxford or Cambridge University. 1:1 tutoring combines subject study with the creation of your own academic research project, as well as developing key skills essential for success in higher education.
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Oxford Architecture Summer Program for Ages 16-18

Develop a pre-university research project in Architecture

Did you know that architecture is a discipline rarely explored in typical high schools? Yet architecture is a fascinating art at the intersection of design and engineering, which has a direct impact on the environments in which we live.

The Architecture Oxbridge Online Research Programme will allow you to explore different architectural styles in addition to developing fundamental technical drawing skills.


What is the Oxbridge Online Research Programme?

The Oxbridge Online Research Programme (‘OORP’) is designed for students who want to enhance their personal research and study skills in preparation for university, whilst also developing deeper knowledge in their chosen field.

Led by your personal tutor, you will undertake a research project assessed at university-level and receive regular 1:1 supervisions from an expert academic from Oxford or Cambridge University.

This course is ideal for students wanting to gain invaluable experience for writing a dissertation or thesis at university, whilst also familiarising themselves with the demands of an Oxbridge degree. Alternatively, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience a subject you have never studied before!


The most beneficial thing I found with this program was that it showed me that I should not be afraid to ask questions and should not be afraid to admit that I do not know something. Often, I would ask my extremely well-trained tutor a very simple question, expecting for a negative reaction. To my surprise, I never received a negative reaction, but positive reactions instead! Asking clarifying questions indeed is an underrated attribute to have.

Simon H
Attended Immerse in 2020
Oxbridge Online Research Programme Student

1:1 Tutoring From Expert Academics

Key Benefits

Students on the Oxbridge Online Research Programme will develop key skills essential for success at higher education.

Independent Study & Research Skills

Oxford and Cambridge put huge emphasis on the importance of self-study and development, and this course will help you learn more about how best to research and achieve your goals

Academic Writing

The research project will culminate either in a dissertation-style essay or a complex presentation. Both formats will require you to be able to present your work to a high-quality, including how to frame arguments, analyse and reference appropriately.

Oxbridge Teaching Experience

The Oxbridge Online Research Programme provides a unique opportunity to learn from expert academics, and receive top-quality tuition, similar to undergraduates studying in Oxford and Cambridge.

1:1 Tutoring From Expert Academics

Key Benefits

How It Works

Student online

Receive A Personalised Programme Tailored To Your Goals

1. Submit Your Enrolment
Once you have submitted your enrolment and paid a deposit, you will be send a booking confirmation asking for more information on your academic background and goals.

2. Be Matched With One Of Our Expert Tutors
Using your academic background form, our team will match your profile with one of our expert tutors from Oxford or Cambridge University.

3. Receive Your Course Induction Pack
Once your tutor has been found, timetable confirmed and full fees received, you will receive final instructions containing details about your programme, such as a course overview, how to access your virtual classroom, as well as any additional material from your tutor.

4. Start Your Course
Choose from a one-day intensive, 2 or 10-week programme with 1:1 tutorials each week. You will also be required to research and prepare your project in your own time.

5. Graduate
At the end of the course, your academic research project will be independently assessed and you will receive a certificate of completion, as well as a detailed evaluation from your tutor.

How It Works

Sample Architecture Research Projects

Want to explore a different theme? Our tutors can deliver tailor-made programmes to suit your needs.
  • Module 1 - Designing Greener

    How can architects play a part in a net zero-carbon future?
  • Module 2 - Echoes of the Past

    Is contemporary architecture completely, and finally, divorced from historic 'styles' of building. Or are there lessons still to be learned from the history of the profession?
  • Module 3 - Architecture & Proportion

    Why are things shaped and dimensioned the way they are? What mathematical rules govern stability, utility and beauty, and how do architects use them?
  • Module 4 - Architecture at War

    We have seen in recent decades a rise in the deliberate targeting of architecturally significant buildings in wars and civil conflicts - why? And what is to be done in the aftermath of such destruction?
  • Module 5 - Dealing with Fire

    Recent tragic fires including Grenfell Tower (UK), Notre Dame (Fr) and the Glasgow School of Art (UK) have shown the fragility of buildings, and the seriousness of the risks designers must tackle. Why do these problems still persist in our buildings, and how can we build better and safer?
  • Module 6 - Segregation, Urban Design & Architecture

    The cities in which we live are divided. In many cases they have been designed to be so. Why and how has this happened historically, and what responsibility and opportunities do architects have to help ensure positive change?
Want to learn more?
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Want to learn more?
Download prospectus
Sample Research Projects
  • Intensive (4 hours) Online Research Programme (Bespoke Start Date)

  • Classic (10 hours) Online Research Programme (Bespoke Start Date)

  • Extensive (20 hours) Online Research Programme (Bespoke Start Date)

1:1 support
4, 10, 20 or 40 hours of total teaching time from an academic expert, typically from an Oxford, Cambridge or Ivy League institution
Personalised syllabus tailored to your academic goals
Create your own independently assessed research project
Develop key skills essential for success in higher education, such as a research, independent study and academic writing
Access to a secure online platform to facilitate progress and communication between the student and the tutor
Certificate of attendance
Detailed personalised evaluation written by your tutor


oxbridge 1:1 research programme
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