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Banking and finance play pivotal roles in shaping global economies and driving financial growth and stability. Immerse Education's Banking and Finance Summer School Programme is a two-week voyage into economic theory and practice. Discover the mechanisms safeguarding wealth and driving growth, explore financial markets, and equip yourself to navigate this dynamic realm professionally.
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Banking and Finance Summer School
New York
15-18 years old

Banking and Finance

Career Insights - New York • 15-18 years old
Career Insights - New York
New York
15-18 years
For 15-18 year olds interested in studying Banking & Finance, our summer programme offers the perfect opportunity to explore your subject in depth ahead of committing to more advanced study.
Hear from other students

I think that Immerse Education so far has been a great opportunity to learn both more about the subject I’ve really been interested in, and also to get an insight on what life is like here in the UK and learning more about the traditions which are really different to my day to day life.

My economics classes here at Immerse have been really engaging. The classes are relatively small, which gives the potential for students to say their thoughts and debate, encouraging open thinking and conversations with the rest of the class.

I’ve been looking at various interesting topics, such as game theory, the issue of scarcity and managing resources, and the decision making of firms, which are topics that I had never seen before.

I’ve really enjoyed having lessons with my tutor because he makes lessons really compelling and engaging. He uses a structure which I really personally like, which has a mixture of both practical questions and discussions, which gives a really balanced approach. He has this really interesting and engaging way of tackling the subject, which makes it really easy to follow and to understand.

Paula M
Attended Immerse in 2022
Residential Economics (16 - 18)

Banking & Finance Summer School For High School Students

Immerse Education’s Banking and Finance programme provides an immersive journey through global economies and investment strategies. Explore financial instruments, market dynamics, and economic landscapes. Through interactive sessions, financial classes, economic simulations, and insightful discussions, you’ll refine your understanding of these fields.

Guided by experienced financiers and respected economists, the programme stimulates collaborative financial analyses, investment strategies, and participatory dialogues that enhance your comprehension of financial principles and challenges. Personalised mentorship and constructive critique empower you to unlock your potential and excel in the dynamic realm of banking and finance.

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Banking & Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Banking & Finance?
Immerse™ Banking and Finance programmes explore financial markets, investment strategies, and economic dynamics. Throughout the summer course, you’ll gain insights into financial management and economic trends.

Why study Banking and Finance?
Banking and finance drive economies and investment landscapes. Markets ebb and flow, and prudent management is essential. By studying these fields, you gain skills to navigate the financial world, shape commerce, facilitate international business and secure future prosperity for yourself and others.

Banking and Finance experts embark on versatile career journeys. They thrive in financial institutions, investment firms, regulatory bodies, and more. Graduates can pursue roles in financial analysis, investment management, risk assessment, and economic policy.

The domain of Banking and Finance offers platforms to analyse markets, optimize portfolios, and contribute to economic growth. A background in Banking and Finance also opens up opportunities in related disciplines such as economics and business management.

Immerse Education offers a residential, career-focused Banking & Finance summer course in New York.

Immerse’s programmes are accessible to all, regardless of prior banking or finance knowledge. A passion for understanding economic mechanisms and curiosity about financial markets will be invaluable attributes for a rewarding journey.

Though your tutor shapes the exact curriculum and it might differ, we assure an all-encompassing array of subjects influenced by university syllabi and entry-level roles in interconnected fields. The syllabus overview will intricately outline the topics intended for your particular course.

The programmes’s goal is to foster a rounded understanding of the economic and financial theory that underpins undergraduate study of banking and finance.

Perfect for students who may aspire to roles such as investment banker, chief financial officer, or hedge fund manager – the Banking and Finance course caters to those intrigued by economic mechanisms, curious about financial markets, and motivated to navigate fiscal landscapes.

If the dynamics of Wall Street intrigue you, this program provides an opportunity to delve into the captivating realm of banking and finance.

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