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Careers in banking and finance offer significant intellectual challenge and the opportunity to solve complex problems. If you enjoy analyzing data, developing strategies, and making informed decisions that have a significant impact on businesses and the economy, Immerse Education’s Banking & Finance Summer Programmes provide an in-depth exploration of financial markets and banking operations ahead of entering university. You’ll study investment strategies, financial analysis, and regulatory frameworks to build a solid knowledge base. Through simulations, case studies, and financial modeling exercises, you’ll develop analytical, strategic planning, and decision-making skills essential for finance. Led by finance professionals and focused on your interests, the course spans different financial sectors and scenarios, helping you identify potential career paths. Personalised mentorship and detailed evaluations will enhance your competencies in the dynamic world of banking and finance.
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Where Do We Offer Banking & Finance?

Experience our Banking & Finance programme in the financial capital of New York City, with accommodation at Columbia’s distinguished campus. Engage in practical workshops and networking opportunities in the heart of Wall Street, gaining firsthand experience in the finance industry.
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Career Insights Pathway

Industry Experience

Provides a comprehensive introduction to various professions. Suitable for students starting to consider their future careers and wishing to explore different professions.
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What To Expect in a Banking & Finance Programme

Immerse Education’s Residential Banking & Finance summer schools provide an exceptional opportunity to delve into the professional world of finance and investment whilst still in high school. The ‘Career Insights’ Pathway emphasises practical skills through interactive workshops, real-world case studies, and industry networking. You’ll enhance your analytical thinking by analysing financial data and market trends, strengthen your problem-solving abilities through complex financial scenarios and strategic planning, and cultivate resourcefulness by developing innovative investment strategies and solutions. This pathway equips students with the essential skills and industry knowledge to excel in the competitive field of banking and finance.

Our In-person Programmes May Include

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1-on-1 Tutoring

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Group Workshops

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Personal Research Project

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Expert Seminars

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Day Excursions

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Certificate of Achievement

Meet Some of Our Banking & Finance Tutors

Our banking and finance tutors offer unparalleled support to students aiming for careers in finance. Their professional experiences in financial modeling, market analysis, and economic theory provide them with the tools to guide students through complex financial concepts. By sharing insights from the finance industry, they inspire students to develop analytical and problem-solving skills. Their personalised guidance ensures students are well-prepared for global finance careers. Tutors also help ESL students master financial terminology crucial for academic and professional success.

What Do Our Alumni Have to Say?

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The Immerse Education Difference

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Top university placement

Our students end up in top universities:
Including Oxford, NYU, Cambridge, Harvard, Imperial College London, University of Toronto, MIT, and many more.

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Safe & secure environment

The safety and well-being of our participants is our number one priority, and all staff undergo enhanced background checks and receive thorough safeguarding training.

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Accreditations, awards & partnerships

We are accredited with Aegis and BAC, and won: Queens Award for Enterprises, British Youth Travel: Best Educational product finalist, and Educational Investor Award 2023.

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Post-programme benefits

Including Access to Membership Benefits and Events from Partners, Life-time Access to Learning Opportunities via the Immerse Alumni Network, Live Events, Exclusive Offers from our Partners.

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Our expert mentors

All mentors on our programmes are past/current students at Oxford or Cambridge University All of our support staff are background-checked and receive training in providing an unforgettable experience for every Immerse student.

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Banking & Finance Summer School FAQs

What is an Banking & Finance programme and why is it important to study?

 Immerse™ Banking and Finance programmes explore financial markets, investment strategies, and economic dynamics. Throughout the summer course, you’ll gain insights into financial management and economic trends.

Banking and finance drive economies and investment landscapes. Markets ebb and flow, and prudent management is essential. By studying these fields, you gain skills to navigate the financial world, shape commerce, facilitate international business and secure future prosperity for yourself and others.

Banking and Finance experts embark on versatile career journeys. They thrive in financial institutions, investment firms, regulatory bodies, and more. Graduates can pursue roles in financial analysis, investment management, risk assessment, and economic policy.

The domain of Banking and Finance offers platforms to analyse markets, optimize portfolios, and contribute to economic growth. A background in Banking and Finance also opens up opportunities in related disciplines such as economics and business management.

Immerse’s programmes are accessible to all, regardless of prior banking or finance knowledge. A passion for understanding economic mechanisms and curiosity about financial markets will be invaluable attributes for a rewarding journey.

Though your tutor shapes the exact curriculum and it might differ, we assure an all-encompassing array of subjects influenced by university syllabi and entry-level roles in interconnected fields. The syllabus overview will intricately outline the topics intended for your particular course.

The programme’s goal is to foster a rounded understanding of the economic and financial theory that underpins undergraduate study of banking and finance.

Perfect for participants who may aspire to roles such as investment banker, chief financial officer, or hedge fund manager – the Banking and Finance course caters to those intrigued by economic mechanisms, curious about financial markets, and motivated to navigate fiscal landscapes.

If the dynamics of Wall Street intrigue you, this programme provides an opportunity to delve into the captivating realm of banking and finance.

Immerse Education integrates Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) to support ESL students. This approach combines academic content with language development, ensuring that students improve their English proficiency while engaging with subject-specific material. Our experienced tutors use a variety of techniques to enhance understanding and language acquisition. Additionally, they provide personalised feedback and support to help students master subject-specific terminology.

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