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Creative Writing Summer School Oxford

Walk in the footsteps of some of the world’s most renowned professional writers. Oxford University’s colleges produced great writers such as John Milton, Sylvia Plath and C.S. Lewis. In our academic summer programme, you’ll hone your creative writing skills in the same stimulating learning environment. Push the limits of your writing abilities under the guidance of Oxbridge tutors in our introductory or pre-university courses.

  • Creative Writing Academic Insights
    Writing an exceptional story isn’t just about great ideas, it’s about learning how to create compelling characters, write a gripping plot, and take your reader on a journey through an imaginative and vivid world. We’ll help you accomplish this by exploring topics such as the principles of creative writing, the essentials of plot development, and an introduction to writing styles.
    13-15 years old
    2 weeks • June & July 2024
  • Creative Writing Academic Insights
    The Creative Writing programme will help students to unleash their creativity and writing skills to their full potential. The Oxford course is focused on constantly moving from theory to practice to ensure that students explore every milestone with their own ideas and creativity. Students will participate in a series of unique curated exercises to flex every aspect of their writing abilities. They will learn quality writing skills like character building, dialogues, using memories in narrative, description, atmosphere, structure and more. Students will work busily at writing, revising, editing, and participating in a collaborative process to push their work towards the finishing line.
    16-18 years old
    2 weeks • July & August 2024

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