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The Online Insights course transforms the highlights of our programmes in Oxford and Cambridge University onto an easy-to-use virtual platform.
Small group classes taught by expert tutors
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Economics Online Research Programme

Gain expert insights in an online summer school in Economics

Through our Economics Online Insights course, you’ll explore not only a variety of key economic theories but also the practical application of these theories. From investment banking and trading, consultancy, research, and policy-making, the career opportunities after studying Economics are diverse.


About Online Insights

Over the course of this programme, participants will take part in virtual seminars, future skills workshops, one-to-one tutorials, as well as group social activities led by current Oxbridge undergraduates.

Students receive a combination of subject-based tuition, one-to-one tutorials, future skills workshops and social activities with students from around the world.

  • Average Class Size Of 5

    Maximum 10 students
  • 1:1 Tutorials

    2 x 30-minute sessions each week
  • Oxbridge Academics

    Tutors from Oxford and Cambridge University
  • Future Skills Workshops

    Develop key attributes such as personal branding, interview skills and academic writing

For students of all time zones

As there are participants joining from around the globe, Online Insights offers two “streams” – Stream A and Stream B.

Stream A starts in the morning whilst Stream B’s classes take place in the afternoon.

Note – as our faculty are all based in Oxford & Cambridge, all times communicated are in UK time.

To see how the Online Insights programme is structured, please view the timetable.

  • Stream A

    09:00 - 15:00 (UK time)
  • Stream B

    14:00 - 20:00 (UK time)

My tutor in Economics is professional and patient, and his explanations made a lot of sense to me. For example, when we were talking about Nash Equilibrium, we played a lot of games because this theory is basically based on game theory. My understanding went deeper as we played the games by ourselves because I was making the decision on my own, then I could think about the shortages of my strategy. Then we analyzed the game together and made assumptions, which improved my skills of thinking the overall effects instead of only focusing on individuals’ decisions.

Jessica D
Attended Immerse in 2020
Oxbridge Online Research Programme (Economics) Student

Network with like-minded individuals

Daily social activities with participants around the world

Students can connect with like-minded individuals from around the world, and are encouraged to socialise and make friends through daily activities and games after classes finish.

Activities include virtual college tours, murder mystery parties and a ‘University Challenge’-style quiz.

These sessions are led by Oxbridge undergraduates who act as Mentors for Online Insights participants. This is a fantastic opportunity for participants to hear from students at Oxford and Cambridge University, and receive guidance and advice on studying at one of the world’s top universities.

Network with like-minded individuals


Online Learning Platform

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Virtual Classrooms

All sessions are delivered on Zoom’s education platform – the world’s leading virtual classroom software.

Before the course begins, all students will receive a welcome pack that includes information about their tutors, mentors, guest speakers, as well as their programme overview.

Students will also receive an interactive timetable with links to each of their classes.

We offer 2-day intensives and 2-week programmes so that you can learn at a time and pace that suits your current schedule.


Sample Economics Modules

To see how the Online Insights programme is structured, please view the timetable.
  • Module 1 - Introduction to Econometrics

    You are taught how multiple regressions allows researchers to control variables that would otherwise confound one’s results, and the most commonly used tools to test hypotheses and estimate causal effects. The session also gives you a chance to learn from methods such as natural experiments, regression discontinuities, and instrumental variables.
  • Module 2 - Development Economics

    You will learn why some countries are vastly richer than others in the context of economic development. Explore answers to this question by focusing on the role of poverty traps, education and nutrition. You'll understand how economic interventions can help to alleviate poverty, with an emphasis on microfinance and cash transfers.
  • Module 3 - Auction Theory

    Auctions can be viewed as a game in which players choose how much to bid without knowing the bids of their opponents. As a result, you'll be asked to extensively analyse auctions using game theory. In this tutorial, you will use these tools to study a variety of auction formats: first and second-price auctions and all-pay auctions. Derive the game-theoretic predictions of how people should bid and test this by conduction auctions in the classroom.
  • Module 4 - Personal Project

    You'll finish with an exciting one day mini-conference! By working independently over the two-week period, you will spend the last day discussing your relevant findings on your assigned Capstone Project, as well as presenting this to your peers and tutor. The course finishes with a workshop and review session to discuss applying for economics and business and management degrees and subsequent career options.
Want to learn more?
Download Syllabus Overview
Want to learn more?
Download Syllabus Overview
  • 1 day Online Insights 1:1 (Starter)

  • July 29 – August 9 2024 (Classic)

20+ hours of academic contact time per week
Subject tuition delivered by an academic from Oxford or Cambridge University
Average class size of 5 (maximum 10)
2 x 30 minute 1:1 tutorials
Academic skills workshops
End-of-day social activities led by Mentors (Oxbridge undergraduates)
Detailed personal evaluation written by tutor
Certificate of attendance
Free premium membership to UniPrepare's 'Nurture' plan


online insights
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