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Female Future Leaders

2 weeks • July to August 2022
A multi-disciplinary programme developing key leadership skills for ambitious young women
Prepare for your future on the Immerse™ Female Future Leaders programme.
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Cambridge Female Future Leaders Summer Program for Ages 16-18
Female Leadership Summer School in Cambridge

Female Future Leaders Summer School in Cambridge

The Immerse Education Female Future Leaders summer programme offers a multi-disciplinary exploration of leadership for engaged and motivated young women. The programme encompasses a range of subjects from STEM subjects to business and beyond.

Over the course of two weeks, you will explore a broad range of subjects at the university level, designed to support young women to build the confidence and skills of future leaders. You will discover subjects such as politics, business, law and science, through a series of interactive lectures and workshops that are designed to further their passion for learning and develop their leadership skills. Over the course of two weeks, you will explore the role of women in the progress of these subjects guided by expert tutors.

Academic Highlights

Explore a broad spectrum of subjects

During this two week programme, you will explore a broad range of subjects and skills and understand how you can be part of the decision-making both today and in your future career. Expert tutors from world-leading universities will teach you about Business, Politics, Law and Science and the important role that women have to play in defining our future.

Explore a series of interactive lectures and workshops that are designed to further their passion for learning and develop their leadership skills. Discover the role of women in the progress of these subjects guided by expert tutors.

Academic Highlights

Learn from female academics, leading experts in their fields

Supported by university tutors representing a broad range of academic fields, you will explore theories of gender and intersectionality through a series of case studies from around the world. In doing so, you’ll develop critical analysis skills and take part in a series of practical workshops that develop your skills both as a team-player and as a leader.

Our female tutors and guest speakers are leading experts in their field, carefully selected for their knowledge and passion within their subject, as well as their experience teaching undergraduate students.

Academic Highlights

Boost your confidence and develop your skills in practical workshops

Our workshops are geared towards unlocking participants’ potential, giving them the tools to prepare for the next steps of their education, and future goals. Build upon existing study skills to support future university-level learning.

These workshops explore a diverse and enriching range of topics – past examples have ranged from ‘Productivity tips’ to ’21st Century Technology Skills’, we’re sure that you’ll learn something completely new. Unlike traditional schools, Immerse will give you the opportunity to learn beyond the traditional curriculum.

Special Speakers from previous summers

Each week participants will hear from an inspirational speaker. Meet some of our previous guests:
Neuroscientist & entrepreneur

Dr Lynda Shaw

A journey in personal development - how to create your own set of tools to fast track success
Former Olympian

Abi Oyepitan

A two-time Olympian and Commonwealth Gold and Silver winning track and field athlete.
International training consultant and motivational speaker

Kate Atkin

Success: What lies behind the mask? An informative and inspiring talk exploring courage, confidence and the imposter syndrome
Guest Speakers

It was such an incredible experience to be able to learn directly from a Cambridge University tutor. She knew so much about her subject, but was able to teach me advanced topics in a way that was really easy to understand.

Jessica A
Attended Immerse in 2019
Residential Summer Programme Student

Work hard, play hard.

Action-packed social programme

Outside of lessons, we are proud to offer a busy and diverse social programme to help you get the most out of your time in Cambridge. This includes activities such as punting on the River Cam, zorb football and a murder mystery night in the college.

There are also two excursions during the programme, one day trip to visit Oxford and its constituent colleges, as well as an optional day out in London, seeing the city’s most famous landmarks as well as some free time for shopping. Those who choose not to travel to London are invited to afternoon tea in Cambridge.

Activities and excursions are run by our team of friendly mentors – whose main job is to maximise your enjoyment.

Work hard, play hard.

A unique social programme.

Experience traditional 'Formal Hall'

Formal Hall is a traditional weekly meal that takes place in every college. This is an opportunity for students to dress up, dine by candlelight in the magical surroundings of a Cambridge college’s dining hall.

As an Immerse student, you will experience formal dinner three times during your stay – once per week in Cambridge, as well as in an Oxford University college on the excursion day.

Formal hall is truly a memorable occasion, so remember to bring some smart clothes!

A unique social programme.


Live and study in a
Cambridge University College

St Catharines College, University of Cambridge

Experience life as a Cambridge University undergraduate

All participants will be allocated to a college a few weeks before arriving, based on their dates and subject choice.

If you would like to stay in the same location as a friend/sibling – please let us know and we will do our best to arrange this, where possible.

Males and females have separate accommodation in every college, and there is wi-fi available throughout.

For more information, please visit this page.


Pastoral care and safety

An accredited provider of academic short courses

Immerse Education is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), the leading mark of educational quality for the academic sector. Our accreditation with the BAC sends a positive and clear message to students and partners that they are studying with a trusted and reliable provider who has met a series of globally recognised quality assurance standards, both in terms of academic provision and student welfare.

The safety and well-being of our participants is our number one priority, and all staff undergo enhanced background checks and receive thorough safeguarding training before interacting with any students.

For more information, please visit our Pastoral Information page.

Pastoral Care

Female Future Leaders Sample Modules

  • Module 1 - Competitive Advantage and Innovation

    Competitive Advantage and Innovation
    How do companies differentiate themselves and create value in competitive industries? You’ll explore how companies utilise innovation in order to remain competitive and consider both success and failure case studies. Your team will then be tasked with a brief and must present a pitch to your peers which puts the theory you have learnt into action!
  • Module 2 - Global Environmental Change

    Global Environmental Change
    Earth is threatened by human impact as never before. This workshop explores key global environmental issues such as climate change, land use, exploitation and pollution. You will learn to critically evaluate the drivers of change on vulnerable ecosystems. The workshop will conclude with a debate on the best approach to tackle climate change.
  • Module 3 - Public Speaking

    Public Speaking
    What makes a good orator? What lessons can we take from some of the world's finest public speakers? This session will improve your ability to deliver empowered and informative speeches in front of crowds of other people.
  • Module 4 - United Nations Simulation

    United Nations Simulation
    Following an introduction to the aims, functions and outcomes of UN council meetings, you will be assigned a country to represent at a high-level diplomatic meeting of the UN Security Council. You will write a position paper about your country’s foreign policy regarding a topical political scenario. You must then present and defend your country’s position on the matter, working to form alliances in accordance with its goals.
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Want to learn more?
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  • 24th July – 6th August 2022

13 nights accommodation in a central college of the University of Cambridge
Breakfast and dinner in College Hall
Accommodation in an individual bedroom
40 hours of academic sessions from Oxford University and Cambridge University tutors
Mentor programme and access to support material
Carefully designed study and lecture materials
All excursions- including formal dinner at Cambridge/Oxford colleges, punting, croquet
Comprehensive summer school insurance
2 coach excursions including a trip to London
Graduation ceremony and certificate
Detailed evaluation written by tutor
Immerse notebook and pen
Mentor family photograph

Female Future Leaders

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