English Literature Top Books Guide
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English Literature ‘Top Books Guide’

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The benefits of studying English Literature at Immerse in Cambridge

  • Experience life as an English Literature whilst studying in a historic Cambridge University college. At Immerse students have the opportunity to live and study at one of Cambridge Universities beautiful and historic colleges.
  • Prepare for your university english studies. Our students benefit from 40 hours of English Literature academic sessions and learn in small classes designed and taught by university tutors.
  • Develop Global Perspectives.  Students from over 100 countries have participated in our academic programmes. Developing global citizens, building tolerance, broadening perspectives, and encouraging diversity and equality are all important priorities for Immerse Education.

English Literature ‘Top Books Guide’

If you are interested in studying English Literature at university then you will have already grasped that books are central to your learning. With so much literature to choose from, which reading should a prospective student prioritise? Immerse Education is here to help. We spoke with our mentor team who are currently studying English Literature at top universities to ask them which books they think a young student should read before applying.

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