Law Summer School in London (Ages 16-18)

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The Immerse Education Law Summer Programme in London provides a comprehensive legal journey for aspiring lawyers aged 16-18. Situated in the dynamic city of London, UK, this programme delves into legal systems, legal ethics, and the role of law in society within an intellectually stimulating and culturally enriching environment. and culturally enriching environment

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Career Insights Pathway
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Career Insights Pathway

Industry Experience

Industry Experience

Provides a comprehensive introduction to various professions. Suitable for students starting to consider their future careers and wishing to explore different professions.

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Participants in London will forge a formidable foundation in law, unravelling legal systems and principles, and entering a history-rich legal realm.
Provides a comprehensive introduction to various professions. Suitable for students starting to consider their future careers and wishing to explore different professions.
Career Insights
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Ages 16-18

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Academic Insights curriculum is focused on preparing you for academic life in the world’s top universities.

Academic Sessions

At Immerse Education, we’re committed to providing a transformative learning experience that goes beyond traditional classroom settings. When you enroll in our programmes, you can expect a rich array of outcomes that will empower you for a lifetime of success.

Our programmes equip you with a diverse skill set that’s applicable across various disciplines and environments. From communication and critical thinking to problem-solving and collaboration, you’ll cultivate skills that are highly sought after in today’s fast-paced world. These skills extend beyond academia and empower you to thrive in any professional or personal setting.

Immerse Education is dedicated to providing an immersive and holistic educational experience. Beyond the structured curriculum, you’ll engage in workshops, seminars, and interactive activities that broaden your horizons. Expect to explore diverse perspectives, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and gain insights that enrich your understanding of the world.

Upon successfully completing your Immerse Education programme, you’ll earn a Certificate of Achievement that validates your dedication and growth. This certificate serves as a testament to your hard work, commitment, and the valuable skills you’ve acquired. It’s a tangible representation of your journey and a noteworthy addition to your academic and professional portfolio.

Module 1 - Theory & Research

This introductory module addresses key questions about the nature of law in our society and the relationship between law and power. You will revisit law theory across a range of areas, including international law, tort law, criminal law and contract law. You will use skills to investigate real-life case studies, presenting your findings.

On the Law programme, trips can include visits to the UK Houses of Parliament, The University of Law, The Supreme Court and the Royal Courts of Justice. We will join a London Assembly public meeting to get an insight into the workings of law in relation to the public sector and visit the Old Bailey, the capital’s principal criminal court.

You will examine case studies in a chosen area of law, using theory and practical experiences to develop your own position. Using elements of a mock trial, you will be able to make the most of essential skill sessions including public speaking, debating and collaborative thinking to manage your courtroom and present your arguments.

Bridging the gap between education and the world of work, this module offers an insight into existing and emerging careers in law. These sessions are made up of guest lectures and expert panel discussions with speakers from Harvard Law School, the University of Oxford and Cambridge, ‘Magic Circle’ law firms like Clifford Chance and city firms such as Taylor Wessing LLP.

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Meet Some of Law Tutors

Our law tutors offer unparalleled motivational and educational support to students preparing for law school. Having successfully graduated the world’s most competitive law schools and navigated the legal field, they’ll assist with case studies, moot court preparation, and legal theory with reference to cases they have worked on. They will ignite student passion by exploring specialised areas and provide guidance, support, and feedback to help students meet their personal goals. Tutors are experts in supporting ESL students, aiding them in mastering legal terminology crucial for international career paths in law.

Guest Speakers from Previous Summers

Career Insights participants will hear from an influential guest speaker from a variety of inspiring backgrounds.

Former senior detective
Suzanne Williams QPM

An experienced hostage negotiator who has worked on some of the highest profile and dangerous hostage situations across the world, including negotiating in war zones.

Ex military officer and CEO of Midnight Runners
Jody Bragger

An ex-military officer and CEO of Midnight Runners – the world’s largest independent running community, he is also the founder of the Mogadishu Marathon, the country’s first since the outbreak of war.

Adventurer and traveller
Sarah Outen

A British adventurer who has successfully circumnavigated the globe, overcome huge obstacles and endured extreme conditions in remote environments, often alone for months at a time. 

The Immerse Education Difference

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Top university placement

Our students end up in top universities:
Including Oxford, NYU, Cambridge, Harvard, Imperial College London, University of Toronto, MIT, and many more.

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Safe & secure environment

The safety and well-being of our participants is our number one priority, and all staff undergo enhanced background checks and receive thorough safeguarding training.

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Accreditations, awards & partnerships

We are accredited with Aegis and BAC, and won: Queens Award for Enterprises, British Youth Travel: Best Educational product finalist, and Educational Investor Award 2023.

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Post-programme benefits

Including Access to Membership Benefits and Events from Partners, Life-time Access to Learning Opportunities via the Immerse Alumni Network, Live Events, Exclusive Offers from our Partners.

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Our expert mentors

All mentors on our programmes are past/current students at Oxford or Cambridge University All of our support staff are background-checked and receive training in providing an unforgettable experience for every Immerse student.

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Law Summer School FAQs

Why study Law in London?

London’s legal institutions and diverse legal community make it an optimal location to study law. Immerse yourself in a legal hub, engage with practitioners, and explore legal challenges in a global context.

Immerse Education offers both online and residential courses for Law. The residential courses are located in Cambridge, Oxford, and London.

For 13-15-year-olds at Oxford and Cambridge, the topics include:

Law In Action
What is the core of the legal profession? Developing substantiated and nuanced arguments. In this module, you’ll put theory into practice. Practise your oratory skills ahead of a moot court experience. Test your abilities and explore the structure of a UK legal trial.

Human Rights Law
This session introduces you to Human Rights Law. What are the normative foundations of the human rights doctrine? Should it have a constitutional validity above ordinary laws? To help explore these questions, study the three-generational framework common in human rights discourse.

Criminal Law
Welcome to the lesson on Criminal Law. Learn about the basic concept of mens rea and actus reus. How do you evaluate cumulative criteria in statutory language and common law precedents? What is the burden of proof for criminal convictions? Then, dive deep into the various offences, such as murder, manslaughter, battery and assault.

Mock Trial
You’ll have considerable knowledge and experience at this point in the programme. It’s now time to put your learnings into action. How? By participating in a mock trial!

For 16-18-year-olds at Oxford and Cambridge, here are the topics:

The Separation of Powers
The separation of powers is a cornerstone of British constitutionalism. In fact, it is one of the foundations of liberal-democratic politics. What is its purpose, and why is it important? The separation of powers is a complex topic. Especially when all the state branches arguably establish and interpret the law.

Equality Before The Law
What is the role of equality within the UK constitutional framework? This session will help you consider whether equality before the law is procedural or substantive. Does it apply only to rule application? Or is it constitutive of legal rules? You’ll also discuss how the state should respect this equality principle in a modern context.

Evil Laws and Evil Legal Systems
In what way is the natural law theory in conflict with legal positivism? Dive deep into the practical implications of law when dealing with evil laws and legal systems. What particular conceptions of law should courts uphold in such situations? This module will direct you to the Nuremberg trials. To give you a firm grasp of the implications.

Criminal Law in Practice
Witness criminal law in practice with this module. Observe carefully because you’ll prepare for your assigned role. All participants have vital roles to play in the justice system. Whether the accused, victim, witness, defence lawyer, or judge. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your oratory skills as you act out your role.

For 16-18 year-olds in London, the topics are:

Theory & Research
What is the nature of law in society? Is there a relationship between law and power? This introductory module will explore these fundamental questions. Get to know law theory in various applications, including tort law, international law, and contract law. Sharpen your skills are you investigate real-world case studies. And grow your confidence by presenting your findings!

Practical Experience
To gain practical experience, trips may include visits to The University of Law, the UK Houses of Parliament, the Royal Courts of Justice and the Supreme Court. You will also join a London Assembly public meeting. For what purpose? To have an insight into how the law relates to the public sector. Then you’ll visit the capital’s central criminal court: the Old Bailey.

Real-World Project
Here you’ll learn to use the elements of a mock trial. You’ll start by reading up on case studies in your chosen area. Then use theory and practical experience to form your position. After this module, you’ll have practised public speaking, debating, and teamwork. Strengthening your ability to present your arguments and manage your courtroom.

Professional Development
In this module, you’ll learn about the current and future careers in law. Listen to world-class speakers from the University of Oxford and Cambridge, Harvard Law School, ‘Magic Circle’ law firms such as Clifford Chance, and city firms like Taylor Wessing LLP. To bridge the gap between education and work trends in the market.

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