Medicine Summer School in Cambridge (Ages 13-15)

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 The Immerse Education Medicine Summer Programme in Cambridge offers an immersive medical experience for curious individuals aged 13-15 and 16-18. Situated in the renowned city of Cambridge, UK, this programme provides an in-depth exploration of medical sciences, diagnostics, and healthcare practices within an intellectually stimulating and culturally diverse environment.

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Academic Insights Pathway
Academic Insights Pathway

University Preparation

University Preparation

Offers a deep dive into specific academic fields, providing an unparalleled insight into university-level study.

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Available Programmes at Cambridge

Participants will explore the realm of medical science and anatomy, acquiring valuable and practical insights into the intricacies of healthcare.
Provides a thorough introduction to diverse academic fields. Ideal for students beginning to contemplate their future academic paths and eager to explore various disciplines.
Academic Insights
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Ages 13-15

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Academic Insights curriculum is focused on preparing you for academic life in the world’s top universities.

Academic Sessions

At Immerse Education, we’re committed to providing a transformative learning experience that goes beyond traditional classroom settings. When you enroll in our programmes, you can expect a rich array of outcomes that will empower you for a lifetime of success.

Our programmes equip you with a diverse skill set that’s applicable across various disciplines and environments. From communication and critical thinking to problem-solving and collaboration, you’ll cultivate skills that are highly sought after in today’s fast-paced world. These skills extend beyond academia and empower you to thrive in any professional or personal setting.

Immerse Education is dedicated to providing an immersive and holistic educational experience. Beyond the structured curriculum, you’ll engage in workshops, seminars, and interactive activities that broaden your horizons. Expect to explore diverse perspectives, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and gain insights that enrich your understanding of the world.

Upon successfully completing your Immerse Education programme, you’ll earn a Certificate of Achievement that validates your dedication and growth. This certificate serves as a testament to your hard work, commitment, and the valuable skills you’ve acquired. It’s a tangible representation of your journey and a noteworthy addition to your academic and professional portfolio.

Module 1 - Medical Research "From Bench to Bedside"

The Nobel Prize in Medicine recognises some of the world’s most important scientific breakthroughs to have revolutionised patient care and our understanding of life. But how are these discoveries made, and more importantly who makes them? You will revisit the principles of the scientific method, and delve into the various stages of medical research and the growing necessity for interdisciplinary approaches.

Tireless breathing keeps our blood oxygenated, while 3 billion heartbeats a lifetime transport it around the body. You will probe scientific questions and consider current and emerging therapies to fight cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. You will also develop a deeper understanding of the roles of CPR and AED in the emergency treatment of heart attacks and address questions such as: ‘Why do some people get mountain sickness?’, ‘Is snoring bad for you?’ and ‘What does an asthma inhaler do?’

You will be given an overview of the basic microanatomy and physiology of neurons, analyse how these cells produce electrical signals (action potentials) and discuss how the 37 trillion cells of your body can communicate and coordinate with one another. You’ll explore the power of the placebo effect, and challenge preconceived notions using a variety of optical, auditory and tactile sensory illusions.

Partake in a mini-science conference where you’ll present a research topic assigned earlier in the week. You will be encouraged to view each other’s work critically, ask follow-up questions and engage with the subject matter.

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Meet Some of Our Medicine Tutors

Our medicine tutors provide unparalleled motivational and educational support to students who are preparing for medical school. Having successfully navigated the process, they can help with test preparation, lectures, and other areas of medical school preparation. They will ignite student enthusiasm through delving into their own specialist areas and provide guidance, support, and feedback to help students establish and reach personal goals. Tutors cater to ESL students, helping them master medical vocabulary that will prove crucial in the context of the global medical community, academic literature, and worldwide career opportunities.

Guest Speakers from Previous Summers

Each week, Academic Insights participants will hear from an influential guest speaker from a variety of inspiring backgrounds.

Business transformation manager, advisor and motivational speaker
Allister Frost

Microsoft’s first ever Head of Digital Marketing Strategy, this business transformation manager is now an advisor and motivational speaker for world-leading organisations including Vodafone.

Dr Sue Mitchell
Former evolutionary ecologist and expedition leader
Dr. Sue Mitchell
A former evolutionary ecologist and expedition leader, who speaks on
adaptable leadership. She is also an executive coach and author of “The Authority Guide to Engaging Your People”.
Global Brand Director
James Peach

This Global Brand Director has helped to build some of the most successful brands in the tech and consumer goods industries, including Innocent, Vinted, Uber and Coca Cola.

The Immerse Education Difference

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Top university placement

Our students end up in top universities:
Including Oxford, NYU, Cambridge, Harvard, Imperial College London, University of Toronto, MIT, and many more.

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Safe & secure environment

The safety and well-being of our participants is our number one priority, and all staff undergo enhanced background checks and receive thorough safeguarding training.

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Accreditations, awards & partnerships

We are accredited with Aegis and BAC, and won: Queens Award for Enterprises, British Youth Travel: Best Educational product finalist, and Educational Investor Award 2023.

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Post-programme benefits

Including Access to Membership Benefits and Events from Partners, Life-time Access to Learning Opportunities via the Immerse Alumni Network, Live Events, Exclusive Offers from our Partners.

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Our expert mentors

All mentors on our programmes are past/current students at Oxford or Cambridge University All of our support staff are background-checked and receive training in providing an unforgettable experience for every Immerse student.

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Medicine Summer School FAQs

Why study Medicine in Cambridge?

Cambridge’s medical research centers and clinical facilities create an optimal setting to study medicine. Collaborate with medical experts, access cutting-edge labs, and contribute to advancements in healthcare.

Immerse Education offers both online and residential courses for Medicine. The residential courses are available at Oxford, Cambridge, London, and Sydney.

For 13-15-year-old students attending the Medicine residential course at Oxford, Cambridge, and Sydney, the programme covers essential topics such as Medical Research and Science Communication, exploring the process and significance of medical research, General Anatomy and Physiology, examining the intricacies of the human body’s structures and functions, Genetics and Epigenetics, delving into the principles of genetics and recent advancements like CRISPR gene editing, and culminates in a Science Conference where students present their research topics. For 16-18-year-olds, the curriculum expands to include Medical Research From Bench To Bedside, Cardiovascular And Respiratory Physiology focusing on therapies for related diseases, and Neuroscience And Neuropsychology investigating brain functions. In London, students engage in Medical Research & Theory, gaining practical experience through visits to medical institutions, participating in a Real-World Project to develop patient case files, and Professional Development sessions offering insights into career paths and essential skills development.

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