Physics Summer School in Cambridge (Ages 13-15)

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The Immerse Education Physics Summer Programme in Cambridge offers an exceptional scientific opportunity for physics enthusiasts aged 13-15 and 16-18. Set in the historic city of Cambridge, UK, this programme delves into the realms of physical laws, particle interactions, and the profound impact of physics within an intellectually stimulating and culturally diverse environment.

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Academic Insights Pathway
Academic Insights Pathway

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University Preparation

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Delving into the universe's laws, participants explore principles through hands-on experiments, aiming to understand of the fundamental forces shaping our world.
Provides a thorough introduction to diverse academic fields. Ideal for students beginning to contemplate their future academic paths and eager to explore various disciplines.
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Ages 13-15

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Module 1 - Classical Mechanics

The study of classical mechanics is the study of how objects move and is a topic tightly bound to the University of Cambridge via its founding father, Sir Isaac Newton. The skills required for mechanics are found in many areas of physics, and you will extend your knowledge of high school mechanics to include more complex problems relating to kinematics.

Propagation of energy or matter is often described either by the kinematic travel of an object or by the evolution of a wave. Whilst the most popular example of a wave, the water wave, might not seem too thrilling to study, the number of physical processes that include waves are innumerous.

Electronic engineering is a wide branch of engineering which applies the general principles of electromagnetism to digital circuits, sensors, actuators, mobile telecommunications, optic fibres etc. Participants will be introduced to basic electronic components and systems, and we will collaborate to briefly describe their working principle in scientific terms.

The study of light as a wave initially turned out to be immensely powerful. It lays the foundation for the production of a wide range of things, ranging from reading glasses to far- space telescopes. In this topic, we remind ourselves of how light travels through mirrors, lenses, and pieces of apparatus built with optical elements.

Whilst the study of the movements of objects (from planets to apples) occupied physicists for centuries, the Industrial Revolution and the discovery of electricity led to an era of making the impossible possible.

The matter in our universe can consist in different states. Some common examples include the gaseous state, the liquid state, and the solid state.

The ancient Greeks realised that many things in our universe seems to be governed by some underlying symmetry. Schools of fish tend to adapt symmetrical formations. Many flowers contain rotation symmetries etc. Over the last century researchers have been occupied with exploring what matter is ultimately made from.

Whilst physicists were happy to work with Newton’s laws of motion when describing the movement of macroscopic objects, it eventually became clear that his formalism could not properly describe the movement of small objects. For example, electrons, which had been considered to move as particles, sometimes behaved as waves. To confuse things even more, light, which had been thought of as a wave, seemed to sometimes behave as particles. This famous wave-particle duality forced the community of physics to develop a new theory to resolve the paradox. This theory was called the theory of quantum mechanics.

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Meet Some of Our Physics Tutors

Our physics tutors deliver unparalleled motivational and educational support to aspiring physicists. With their own academic and research achievements at the heart of their syllabi, they assist with experiments, theoretical analysis, and simulations. They inspire students by sharing their expertise and providing tailored guidance, support, and feedback, allowing students to take initial towards identifying their individual future research path. Tutors cater to ESL students, helping them master scientific terminology crucial for global scientific research and academic success.

Guest Speakers from Previous Summers

Each week, Academic Insights participants will hear from an influential guest speaker from a variety of inspiring backgrounds.

Business transformation manager, advisor and motivational speaker
Allister Frost

Microsoft’s first ever Head of Digital Marketing Strategy, this business transformation manager is now an advisor and motivational speaker for world-leading organisations including Vodafone.

Dr Sue Mitchell
Former evolutionary ecologist and expedition leader
Dr. Sue Mitchell
A former evolutionary ecologist and expedition leader, who speaks on
adaptable leadership. She is also an executive coach and author of “The Authority Guide to Engaging Your People”.
Global Brand Director
James Peach

This Global Brand Director has helped to build some of the most successful brands in the tech and consumer goods industries, including Innocent, Vinted, Uber and Coca Cola.

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The safety and well-being of our participants is our number one priority, and all staff undergo enhanced background checks and receive thorough safeguarding training.

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We are accredited with Aegis and BAC, and won: Queens Award for Enterprises, British Youth Travel: Best Educational product finalist, and Educational Investor Award 2023.

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Including Access to Membership Benefits and Events from Partners, Life-time Access to Learning Opportunities via the Immerse Alumni Network, Live Events, Exclusive Offers from our Partners.

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All mentors on our programmes are past/current students at Oxford or Cambridge University All of our support staff are background-checked and receive training in providing an unforgettable experience for every Immerse student.

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Physics Summer School FAQs

Why study Physics in Cambridge?

Cambridge’s contributions to physics and research institutions offer an optimal setting to study the subject. Collaborate with physicists, access advanced laboratories, view archival materials related to the field (like Isaac Newton’s handwritten notes!) and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries.

Immerse Education offers online and residential courses in Physics.

To discover the subjects included in the Cambridge Physics course, you can access the downloadable syllabus.

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