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Designed for ambitious high school students located anywhere in the world. Our unique university preparation courses in a wide variety of subjects allow you to study 1:1 or in small groups in courses designed and taught by tutors from some of the world’s top universities including the Ivy League and Oxbridge. Whether you interested in studying Medicine, Engineering, Law or something else – we’ve got the course for you.

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  • Psychology Oxbridge 1:1 Research Programme
    Join our one of a kind 1:1 psychology programme led by an expert Oxbridge tutor specialising in your field interest. Experience university-level research on your chosen topic while building new knowledge in topics like psychotherapy, cognitive psychology and more. Finish the programme by completing a research report that will offer you the skills needed to prepare for higher education.
    13-18 years old
    4 hours | 10 hours | 20 hours • Available year-round

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