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How Hard Is Further Maths A-Level? Is It Worth It?


How hard is Further Maths A-Level? According to A-Level Outcomes in England 2022, 39.7% received an A*, while 27.5% received an A. How does this compare to Maths? 

Can you nail the subject and get an A? Should you even take A-Level Further Maths in the first place?

These questions are important in helping you decide your next steps in education. Hence, we ensure our Mathematics summer school students have personalised tutorials with expert tutors from world-leading universities.

In addition, you’ll better understand yourself and your capabilities by undergoing the Maths summer school. Do you enjoy math that much to go further?

We’ve also prepared this article to help you decide if taking A-Level Further Mathematics is worth your time and effort!

Is A-Level Further Maths Worth it?

Yes, A-Level Further Maths is worth it if it’ll help you achieve your personal and career goals. 

If you’re planning to take History, for instance, would A-Level Further Maths be worth it? Not really. Why? Because you won’t need advanced mathematics to apply. Instead, you’ll need A-Level History. 

Who Should Take Further Maths A-Level

Who, then, are highly encouraged to take A-Level Further Maths? Those who want to pursue the following courses at the university:

  • Engineering (e.g. Mechanical Engineering)
  • Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (A-Level Further Maths is expected at the University of Cambridge)
  • Natural Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence

What if you’re unsure which degree to pursue in Higher Education? Will Further Maths be worth it? Yes! Why? Because Further Maths is a “facilitating subject.” Meaning it’s one of the subjects that’s often required or preferred by many universities for a wide range of courses. 

Do you want to keep your options open to as many degrees and schools as possible? Take facilitating subjects such as Further Maths in your A-Levels!

Is A-Level Further Maths Harder Than Maths?

Yes, because Further Maths, as its name implies, goes “further” than Maths. Do you know that you can’t take A-Level Further Maths without also studying A-Level Maths?

That’s because A-Level Further Maths is built on the more basic knowledge you’ll learn at A-Level Maths. So if you don’t understand Maths, you’ll hardly grasp Further Maths!

The table below shows the 2022 A-Level outcomes of Maths and Further Maths students in England. In terms of the percentage of students who achieved A*s and As. 

Maths Grade in 2022Percentage


For A-Level Maths students, 22.8% received an A*, and 24.3% achieved an A.

Further Maths Grade in 2022Percentage


But for Further Maths students, 39.7% attained an A* and 27.5% got an A. 

Notice that more Further Maths students achieved A*s and As than Maths. What gives? If Further Maths is harder, why do more people attain higher grades than Maths? 

Because the majority of the students who take Further Maths are already mathematically-inclined and are focused on pursuing maths-heavy courses such as Engineering and Computer Science. 

Hence, they’re more eager to revise and are more likely to achieve high grades. 

Is Further Maths A-Level hard? Yes! It’s harder than A-Level Maths. Plus, taking Further Maths requires you to take Maths as well. 

So, it’s best for you to take Further Maths if you’re planning to pursue a university degree that requires or prefers A-Level Further Maths. 


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