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Students from around the globe aspire to study in Massachusetts. Boston is home to a number of attractive colleges, including Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School, Boston University, and Berklee College of Music. Furthermore, universities across the river for those looking to study in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a draw for many young, gifted academics.

Not only is studying abroad an enriching, cultural experience, it’s also a great way to make your university/college application on your personal statement stand out amongst your peers. If you’re thinking of studying in the U.S. specifically Boston, read our article on the 9 reasons why you should study in this great city, and the many benefits of studying in Boston. 

1. Attend a world-class university in Boston, Massachusetts

Massachusetts is an educational centre for the U.S., home to Ivy League Harvard and MIT, as well as many other top colleges and universities. Harvard University is spread between Cambridge and Boston, with Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School, and Harvard’s School of Public Health in historic Boston itself. 

Other options for those who study abroad in Boston include the famous Berklee College of Music, Boston University, and the University of Massachusetts, Boston (UMass). UMass is a diverse research institution with an oceanfront campus on Boston Harbor. It has students from over 140 countries and regularly hosts hundreds of companies hoping to recruit top graduates into the fields of technology, healthcare, and education. 

Boston University (BU) is ranked a top research university by the Association of American Universities (AAU) and named an “International Powerhouse” by Times Higher Education. It offers over 300 study programs, including combined BA/MA programs, and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) connects students with BU faculty research projects in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, education, and the arts.

BU is a popular choice with international students looking to study abroad in the U.S. It has 650 courses available on global topics, alumni from over 180 countries, and a top-ranked study abroad program. The institution is also known for its small class sizes, an average of around 30 students per class, which provides an opportunity for greater engagement with tutors and professors. 

There’s also Northeastern University, Emerson College and Suffolk University. 

2. Boston is home to Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School

We couldn’t share this list of reasons for studying abroad in Boston without specifically mentioning Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School. These are the medical and business faculties of the famed Ivy League Harvard University which offer fantastic postgraduate opportunities for successful applicants. Harvard is, of course, one of the highest-ranking universities in the world. It’s the oldest higher education institution in the U.S. and one of just eight Ivy League colleges.

Harvard has educated presidents, Nobel Prize winners, and other world influencers, and there are few things that grab the attention on a CV or resume than a Harvard education. Of Harvard University’s twelve degree-level schools, three are located in Boston including its medical school and business school, with the rest just a short drive away in Cambridge.

3. Study in the States

Studying in Boston is a popular choice for international students wanting to study in the U.S.  America offers English-language teaching with an incredibly diverse and cultural experience. Undergraduate programs in the US usually last four years, consisting of multiple study topics (minors) in the first two years and a specialisation in the last two years (major). Extracurricular activities are also a big attraction to studying in the U.S., known for its sororities and fraternities, clubs, and sports teams, all of which are key parts of U.S. student social life.

4. It’s a 20-minute trip to visit friends who study in Cambridge, Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts had nearly half a million students enrolled in 2021 so you may well have friends enjoying the benefits of studying in Cambridge, even if you choose to study in Boston. If not, you’re sure to meet new friends at Cambridge-based universities, with the city less than a 20-minute trip away.

If you’re studying in Boston, you may also have the opportunity to attend presentations and events or take advantage of partnerships available at universities in Cambridge.

5. Arts, culture, food, and ease of travel

First, it’s important to mention that it’s easy to get around using Boston’s subway system, “The T,” which also reaches neighbouring towns and cities, including Cambridge and Somerville. Plus, a flight to New York City takes just an hour from Boston’s Logan Airport, and airfares to Europe are reported to be cheaper than from other locations. Students can get a CharlieCard for easy access to the city’s subway, buses, and trains. 

Boston has over 930 parks and a beautiful oceanfront with nine beaches stretching from the Seaport District to Charlestown, making it a great location to stroll and explore. There’s even The Rose Kennedy Greenway, complete with a carousel as well as 30 small islands, accessible by ferry off the coast of Boston Harbour. Cape Cod and its beautiful small coastal towns are just a few hours away. While exploring, students can sample some of the most famous seafood in the U.S., including fantastic lobster and clam chowders, or taste some of the best foods from around the globe in this truly multicultural city. 

Students in Boston also get discounted or even free access to some of its museums, galleries, and events, and there are regular music festivals.

6. Run the Boston Marathon!

The prestigious Boston Marathon is a global sporting event that welcomes runners and other athletes from around the world. However, you must qualify to run it, which usually involves beating the qualifying time.

Not only is Boston famous for the marathon, but Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, is also a landmark stadium and the oldest baseball stadium in America. 

7. Experience Boston winters

New England winters can be harsh, with temperatures below freezing, but the average annual snowfall of 44 inches is a bonus if you love snow. Boston experiences “Nor’easters,” which are strong storms often with intense blizzards, but what better opportunity to study indoors with a hot chocolate!

8. Find major employers on your doorstep

Companies such as Bain Capital, Converse, Boston Scientific and Fidelity Investments are headquartered in Boston. The universities of Boston and Cambridge have regular hiring events and the city and state offer opportunities for networking and work experience. Boston is a thriving city for industry and innovation and is also home to many startup and technology companies. 

When it comes to the downsides of studying in Boston, Massachusetts, it’s vital to consider the cost of living, which is nearly 20% higher than the national average. Rents can be high, and utilities and transport fees add to the cost of living, even though Boston is quite walkable. Even outlying regions can be expensive for housing. 

That’s nine reasons to study abroad in Boston, Massachusetts.  Take a look at our blog and resources for the lowdown on other study-abroad locations.

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