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Free Online Sessions Led by Oxbridge Tutors

Every month, Immerse Education teams up with an Oxbridge tutor to delve into topics and give advice to students who are studying and working towards University.

By tapping into the knowledge of tutors from Oxford and Cambridge, Immerse Education can provide stimulating and engaging webinars for motivated students.

All of our webinars are completely free to join, and include a Q&A with the tutor so you can get your burning questions answered!

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Thursday 21st September 2023, 5pm - 6pm UK Time

Next Stop, University! A Comprehensive Guide to Application Success

Join our webinar perfect for pre-university students beginning to consider university.

We’ll delve into essential strategies for academic success and university applications. Join us for insights into excelling academically, leveraging extracurricular activities, crafting compelling personal statements, and acing university entrance exams. We’ll also spotlight Immerse Education’s transformative residential and online programmes through real case studies. This webinar is your gateway to a brighter academic future, offering valuable advice from Oxbridge tutor Kimberly Anderson BA (Hons) Mphil

Thursday 21st September 2023, 5pm – 6pm UK Time


Wednesday 18th October 2023, 9AM - 10AM UK Time

Upcoming Webinar: How Academic Insights Sydney Gives you a Head-start at University

Oxbridge Tutor Dr. Aakashi Bhatt provides a comprehensive overview of Academic Insights in Sydney, and how this opportunity helps students enhance their abilities in preparation for university.

Topics covered will include:

An Introduction to Academic Insights Sydney
Skills you need to prepare for University
How to master independent study
Peer networking: How to build a peer support system
Staying one step ahead with extra-curricular learning
Q&A with Dr. Aakashi Bhatt

Wednesday 18th October 2023, 9AM – 10AM UK Time


Thursday 23rd November, 5pm - 6pm UK Time

Essay Writing Workshop: Top Tips

What does it take to make your essay writing stand out? How can you avoid common essay-writing mistakes? With a 500-word cap, the Immerse Education Essay Competition brings with it a big challenge.

Learn what it takes to make your essay writing stand out, and learn how to avoid common essay writing mistakes.
Use this webinar to enhance your writing for coursework, essays, and of course, make the most of this opportunity for early insights into university-level academic writing. This will also be an ideal opportunity to receive guidance on the essay that you write for the Immerse essay competition.

Thursday 23rd November 5pm – 6pm UK Time


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