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13-18 year old secondary/high school students who want to:

A Unique Approach to Career Learning

Our industry-based programmes (Career Insights) are designed and taught by experts with experience working in their field, often with an academic background from top universities for each subject.

Industry Experts

Learn directly from seasoned industry professionals. You’ll be mentored by experts who have achieved notable success in their respective fields, from global corporations to leading startups. Our stringent selection process ensures that all participants receive instruction from dynamic and supportive experts keen on imparting their professional wisdom. This guarantees a high-quality learning experience aimed at accelerating your career development.

Small Classes; 1:1 Tutorials

Career Insight programmes focus on expert tutors sharing their knowledge with small groups of passionate and motivated students. Classes take place with a maximum of 10 students; on average, there are just 7 students in a class, providing you with the chance to explore novel concepts and share ideas comfortably alongside like-minded, ambitious peers from around the world. Participants receive weekly 1:1 tutorials with their class tutor, designed to provide additional career guidance in a private setting.

Two-week Experience

Our two-week intensive learning programmes provide you with transformative career experiences. Gain first hand experience of the working environments, tasks, tools and networking that occurs behind the scenes in your chosen industry through our Career Insights (In-Person) programmes.

Interactive Workshops

Elevate your confidence and hone essential skills in career-focused workshops, aimed at unleashing your potential, equipping you for your professional journey ahead, and providing concrete capabilities that you can demonstrate and add to applications. These workshops cover a wide array of relevant topics—past sessions have included everything from ‘Networking Strategies’ to ‘Emerging Industry Trends’. Build upon existing job-related skills to meet industry demands.

Guest Speakers

Each week, participants have the chance to hear from an influential guest speaker from a variety of inspiring backgrounds, including influential industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Intensive Learning

Our intensive two-day fast-track programme provides an alternative to our two-week programme, allowing you to gain a comprehensive introduction to a career or industry.

Our programmes are tailored to ensure that the skills and knowledge you develop aligns with international curriculums.

Our Career Pathway Programmes

Our Career Insights programme is offered in prestigious locations across the globe.

Choose your preferred learning environment and pick an industry to find your perfect career programme today.

Career Insights


2 weeks – July 2024Ages 16-18Career Insights
Business Management
2 weeks – July 2024Ages 13-15Ages 16-18Career Insights
Creative Writing and Film
2 weeks – July 2024Ages 13-15Ages 16-18Career Insights

New York

New York
Banking and Finance
2 weeks • June & July 2024Ages 15-18Career Insights
New York
Fashion and Design
2 weeks • June & July 2024Ages 15-18Career Insights
New York
2 weeks • June & July 2024Ages 15-18Career Insights

San Francisco

San Francisco
Data Science and Analytics
2 weeks – July 2024Ages 15-18Career Insights
San Francisco
2 weeks – July 2024Ages 15-18Career Insights
San Francisco
Software Development and AI
2 weeks – July 2024Ages 15-18Career Insights

An Insight into Our Career Programmes

A look into what you can expect from our industry-focused programmes.

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Success Stories: Hear From Our Students

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How Do I Know if I Should Follow an Career Pathway?

If you’re aiming to become a specialist in a specific industry, this pathway is tailored for you. Opt to focus on a career sector you’re already familiar with, or explore a completely new field. You’ll tackle real-world challenges in your chosen sector, pushing the limits of your practical skills and preparing you to confidently engage in industry discussions and job interviews—a crucial capability for advancing in a competitive professional landscape.

Of course! Our Academic and  Career Pathways perfectly complement each other, allowing you to gain both work experience, develop relevant academic learnings and hone in on the hard and soft skills necessary for success in that area. Each pathway will act as a powerful launchpad to future success, and progress in one area will equip you for success across the Immerse learning landscape.

Immerse implements a thorough screening process for all teaching professionals, who are only selected if they expertise and industry knowledge or have been recognised for outstanding career success in a relevant industry. Our selection process includes a thorough background check and a detailed examination of the tutor’s ability to teach university-level subjects to high school students.

Recruiters and hiring managers at top-tier companies stress that a proven enthusiasm for a specific industry can set a candidate apart, often tipping the scales in favour of a successful job application. Immerse’s Career Pathway programmes aim to deepen your industry know-how, arm you with the terminology and insights essential for articulating your distinct passion, and impart professional skills to ensure your resume stands out in your chosen field.

Of course! Many students cover several subjects during their time at Immerse, as they decide on and develop their Career Pathway. Programmes are available throughout the year, and students will benefit from enhancing their industry awareness through exploring numerous career paths and exposing themselves to the ideas of multiple expert tutors and guest speakers. You could consider exploring the Academic Pathways to complement your learning further!

Our Pledge

We are dedicated to providing exceptional learning experiences that catapult your plans for the future to new heights. We inspire, challenge and draw you into a stimulating programme filled with academic discoveries and new social connections.

We understand that you’re making an investment into your future by participating in an Immerse Programme, and with that in mind, we’re committed to making you feel 100% reassured in your decision to trust us.

Immerse Pledge established in 2012

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