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Natural Sciences Online Insights Course for Participants

Explore the mysteries of the universe with Immerse Education’s Natural Sciences programme, which encompasses a wide array of sub-branches in both life sciences and physical sciences, allowing you to delve into the intricacies of biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, ecology, geology, and more.

Guided by experienced scientists and respected Cambridge and Oxford academics, the natural sciences course encourages collaborative research projects, experimental analyses, and interactive discussions deepening your understanding of natural science concepts and challenges. Personalised guidance and constructive feedback empower you to unlock your potential as a future STEM participant and excel in the captivating realm of natural sciences.

Why Natural Sciences Online Insights?

Average Class Size of 5

Maximum 5 participants

1:1 Tutorials

2 x 30-minute sessions each week

Oxbridge Academics

Tutors from Oxford and Cambridge University

Future Skills Workshops

Develop key attributes such as personal branding, interview skills, and academic writing

Natural Sciences Online Courses

During this pre-university online course, participants receive a combination of subject-based tuition, one-to-one tutorials, future skills workshops and social activities with like-minded participants from around the world.

Economics class

Natural Sciences

Participants will explore multidisciplinary fields, gaining understanding of the biological systems and the physical world through collaborative online learning.
Participants will explore multidisciplinary fields, gaining understanding of the biological systems and the physical world through collaborative online learning.
Ages 13-18Online Insights

Programme Outcomes

Immerse Education students at programme graduation
Want to learn more?
Personal Project: Ignite Your Creativity

Through our programmes, you’ll embark on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery and creativity. Our personalised approach empowers you to design and execute a university style personal project that reflects your passions and interests. This project is your canvas to showcase newfound knowledge, skills, and innovative thinking. Expect to bring your ideas to life and make a meaningful impact.

Our programmes equip you with a diverse skill set that’s applicable across various disciplines and environments. From communication and critical thinking to problem-solving and collaboration, you’ll cultivate skills that are highly sought after in today’s fast-paced world. These skills extend beyond academia and empower you to thrive in any professional or personal setting.

Immerse Education is dedicated to providing an immersive and holistic educational experience. Beyond the structured curriculum, you’ll engage in workshops, seminars, and interactive activities that broaden your horizons. Expect to explore diverse perspectives, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and gain insights that enrich your understanding of the world.

Upon successfully completing your Immerse Education programme, you’ll earn a Certificate of Achievement that validates your dedication and growth. This certificate serves as a testament to your hard work, commitment, and the valuable skills you’ve acquired. It’s a tangible representation of your journey and a noteworthy addition to your academic and professional portfolio.

Enrolling in an Immerse Education programme means becoming a part of a vibrant and supportive community. As well as having personalised support during the programme from your tutor and like-minded indivdiuals, our network of participants, mentors, and experts extends beyond the programme’s duration. You’ll have access to a lifelong learning community that encourages collaboration, idea-sharing, and networking. This community serves as a continuous resource for guidance, inspiration, and growth throughout your educational and career journey.

What Do Our Alumni Say?
Jessica D. alumni teacher
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My tutor in Economics is professional and patient, and his explanations made a lot of sense to me. For example, when we were talking about Nash Equilibrium, we played a lot of games because this theory is basically based on game theory.

My understanding went deeper as we played the games by ourselves because I was making the decision on my own, then I could think about the shortages of my strategy. Then we analyzed the game together and made assumptions, which improved my skills of thinking the overall effects instead of only focusing on individuals’ decisions.

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Jessica D

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Online Research Programme, Economics

Meet Some of Our Qualified Tutors

An example of the Oxbridge tutors who have previously worked on our courses.

Academic Pathway transparent gold logo
Pramit Saha Tutor
Pramit Saha

Pramit Saha is a DPhil (PhD) participant at the Department of Engineering Science and Christ Church College at the University of Oxford, UK.

Our tutors are highly qualified with Oxbridge training. Each tutor is certified by Immerse, ensuring participants receive the highest level of education. Tutors are at the heart of our programmes and are dedicated to providing guidance, support, and constructive feedback to help participants achieve their academic objectives. Read more about our expert tutors.

Examples of Alumni Projects

A look at the past projects that have been completed by the end of our online academic courses.

Accreditations, Awards & Partnerships

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An Experience to Remember

Virtual Classrooms

All sessions are delivered on Zoom’s education platform – the world’s leading virtual classroom software. Before the course begins, all participants will receive a welcome pack that includes information about their tutors, mentors, guest speakers, as well as their programme overview. Participants will also receive an interactive timetable with links to each of their classes. We offer 2-day intensives and 2-week programmes so that you can learn at a time and pace that suits your current schedule.

For Participants of All Time Zones

As there are participants joining from around the globe, Online Insights offers two “streams” – Stream A and Stream B. Stream A starts in the morning whilst Stream B’s classes take place in the afternoon.

Note – as our faculty are all based in Oxford & Cambridge, all times communicated are in UK time. To see how the Online Insights programme is structured, please view the timetable.

Mentor Sessions

Our commitment to participants success extends beyond the classroom. Expect mentor sessions in which participants have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one discussions with their mentors, receiving personalized support and mentorship. This holistic approach ensures that participants have a strong support network and access to firsthand knowledge, empowering them to make informed decisions in their educational journey.

Our Mentors

All mentors on our programmes are past/current participants at Oxford or Cambridge University All of our support staff are background-checked and receive training in providing an unforgettable experience for every Immerse participant. Meet some of our previous team:

Mentor Freya



Mentor Jem



Mentor Lily-Mae



Why Immerse?

Immerse Education offers a lot more than your average summer school provider. Our programmes ignite a lifelong educational journey, nurturing growth with ongoing educational support, while equipping you with essential skill sets for every step of your education pathways.

We cater to all types of learners, offering academic and career programmes with flexible learning options, and offer our award-winning programmes in locations across the globe.

We have the highest educational standards and seek to realise the highest possible outcomes for our participants.

Enrolling in an Immerse Education programme will award you:

Enrol in our Programme Today

Immerse provides unparalleled educational experiences with long-term post-programme support.

Online Insights

Classic - Summer Edition

40 hours
View Features
  • Total Programme Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Total Teaching and Coaching time: 40 Hours
  • Tuition by an Academic Expert, PhD (typically Oxford, Cambridge or Ivy League)
  • Designated Personal Mentor
  • 1:1 Support
  • Personalised evaluation from your tutor
  • Average Class Size: 5
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Dedicated support from the Immerse Online Team
  • University Preparation Workshops (essays, university life, admissions)
  • Alignment with essential skills for each subject area
  • Completion of a Personal Project to be added to your CV / University Application

Additional Programme Benefits

Online Research Programme Benefits
  • Dedicated Support from the Immerse Team

Immerse Participants Go On To Top Universities Worldwide


What can I expect to learn in the Immerse Education online Natural Sciences course for high school participants?

What is the program about?
Immerse™ Natural Sciences online courses offer a deep dive into the intricate world of physics, chemistry, and biology. Explore topics from quantum mechanics to ecological systems from your home, examining the intricacies of our environment and the sciences that underpin it.

The online courses at Immerse Education are designed for high school and middle school participants aged 13 to 18 years who are interested in exploring the natural sciences. These courses offer a comprehensive understanding of physics, chemistry, and biology, providing participants with a foundation in the essential theoretical and practical aspects of STEM fields.

Taking the course offers several benefits, including developing a strong understanding of natural sciences, enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and preparing for future studies in these fields. Participants gain insights from leading educators, engage in challenging content, and connect with a global community of learners, which can be pivotal for their academic and professional growth.

The course covers essential topics in the natural sciences, including key concepts in physics, chemistry, and biology. It is designed to provide participants with a foundational understanding of each subject, preparing them for advanced studies and fostering a deep appreciation for scientific inquiry.

The duration of the course varies depending on the specific programme selected.

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