An Amble to Grantchester, and Twelfth Night!


The students began their tutorials in the morning, after a varied breakfast of cereal, fruit salad, yoghurt, bacon and eggs, which fuelled their brains for the following two hours. The economics and management group presented their new app to the summer mentors before beginning their market research in the centre of Cambridge town. The app, called ‘Selfie Showdown’ combined elements of friendly competition with the already popular app Snapchat, received mixed reviews from its target audience. Although many agreed that they would use the app if all their friends had it, most decided that they would not pay for the app.

A Very Literary Outing

At lunchtime rehearsals for the talent show continued, after the participants had eaten in the glorious sunshine. Today they tried independent Italian café restaurant Aromi, as well as the sandwich bar Indigo café.

The group walked to Granchester, a small village just outside Cambridge, which is about 2 miles along the river. They relaxed in the Orchard Tearooms, the famous haunt of Cambridge literary legends such as E. M. Forster and Virginia Woolf. The leafy orchard, full of apple and plum trees, and set with deckchairs and small tables, was the perfect setting for a well-earned break.

After dinner was a performance of Twelfth Night in the scholars’ garden of St John’s college. Walking through this historic college on the way to the performance sparked gasps of amazement at the beauty of Cambridge. The students almost filled out the garden, enthusiastically laughing and cheering as the play developed. Whilst some initially struggled with the difficult Shakespearean language, everyone understood and appreciated the plot by the interlude. Although it got chilly towards the end, the weather stayed dry and the performance was enjoyed by all!


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