The Beginning of the End!

As the end of the programme approaches, our participants enjoyed their final lessons on a sunny summer day. In the afternoon, everyone had the opportunity to try their hand at punting. Mayhem ensued shortly as the students got to grips with the finer points of maintaining balance and rudder control. Notable in this activity was Krish who seemed deeply uncomfortable with the prospect of standing upright on the back of the boat, Fredrik who rapidly gained mastery of the punt and gave the mentors a run for their money, and Lauge who enjoyed the Cam so much as to jump in, twice!

Time to Graduate

In the evening we were treated to formal dinner in the elaborately decorated old hall of Queen’s College. This provided a great opportunity to get dressed up prior to the graduation ceremony following. Here, students each received certificates on completion of the course and awards were given to individuals who had particularly made their mark on the programme. Categories for awards included Best Hidden Artist, Most Quotable, Most Enthusiastic and Most Likely to be Late to Breakfast!

Evening entertainment was a bop DJed by our own mentor Rohan Shanker and contributed to by Malik. A great time was had by all, giving the perfect send off for an excellent two weeks.


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