Opening Day at Immerse!

opening day at immerse
opening day at immerse

The participants have had a fun-filled first day at Immerse 2019! They dived straight into academic sessions in the morning, getting to know their subjects and also beginning to involv themselves in the interesting discussions surrounding their subject area.

The Historians got to discuss the main concepts of History and what History as a discipline means while the lawyers got stuck in straight away with some problem questions thinking about how the Law could apply. The International Relations students got to grips with the field of IR and all the complex issues involved while the Computer Scientists started out with some problem questions and an introduction to the kind of programming they will be tackling over the course of Immerse.

They then took a short break from academics to enjoy a relaxing punt tour through the Cambridge backs learning about the history of the University and the city as well as getting the chance to see all the beautiful scenery and architecture that Cambridge has to offer! We also had the extra excitement of being able to celebrate two birthdays today with lots of singing and cake (some cake might have even accidentally made it to the ducks on the punt tour so that they could join in the celebrations)! After a bit of free time to explore Cambridge the participants then had the opportunity to immerse themselves further in the evening into a whole new area of academic discussion with an engrossing talk from Dr Harald Wydra, a politics and international relations fellow at St Catherine’s, who talked about the criticisms and discussions surrounding human rights with a brief historical overview on the development of human rights issues. Everyone is settling into the programme and are already getting to enjoy all that Immerse has to offer and are excited for the second day!


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