Immerse Education 2015 Kicks Off!

Arrivals day in Queens’ College marked the exciting start of the Immerse Education summer school programme. Summer Mentors eagerly collected students from Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports alongside being positioned in the college reception. Upon arrival students relaxed in the common room and integrated with fellow participants and Summer Mentors over drinks and snacks.

Taking in The Sights and Sounds of Cambridge

Walking tours of college set off regularly between 3pm and 5pm, providing the students with an informative way to find their bearings. Parents also used this as an opportunity to say goodbye for the next two weeks.  Sunshine provided the perfect setting for groups to learn more about the history of the famous Mathematical bridge and Cloister court in college.

Participants then gathered in the Theatre for a welcome talk delivered by the Director and Program Manager. This provided the first opportunity for the students to discover who their Immerse Education Summer Mentors were. Following the talk, everyone enjoyed dinner of chicken, gammon or vegetarian spring rolls in the dining hall alongside the Mentors. Shortly after dinner, ice-breaking games were held in the dining hall and theatre, so that everyone could become acquainted quickly! We started with a mass ‘Speed-Acquainting’; a list of quick-fire questions was provided for participants to ask and answer in 90 seconds. With everyone rapidly changing seats, laughing and continuously talking, friendships were already starting the form. Subsequently, students carried out a game of ‘Giant Bingo’. This required you to find individuals with specific skills or characteristics as determined by the bingo card, for example: find someone with a 3 legged cat. This contest quickly became competitive, with students doing anything possible to find vital information out about everyone else including the Mentors.

Time For Fun and Games

Finally, the participants were divided into smaller groups in order to play fast, action-packed games, such as ‘Splat’ and ‘Zip-Zap-Boing’; requiring you to react quickly in a circular group to avoid losing. Afterwards they chatted in large groups outside in Cripps Court before heading to bed for a long deserved rest. Friendships are already starting to appear and everyone is looking forward to exploring the city tomorrow alongside embarking on their academic studies.


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