The First Full Day Kicks Off For Session 2!

treasure hunt and pudding
treasure hunt and pudding

Tutorials began well at the second session of Immerse Education. The medics were rattling through cells and the price elasticity of supply was tackled by the Economics and Management students. All of the mentors enjoyed listening to what had been learnt as they accompanied the students to their first lunch in the City.

Time for a Treasure Hunt

For the afternoon activity, the participants took part in a Cambridge Treasure Hunt. Working in their mentor groups, the students had to explore the town in depth to crack the correct suspect and weapon. From examining statues on the various Cambridge colleges to wondering down the many ancient pathways, it was a real hands-on learning experience of the city.

Over salmon, chicken or quiche, with a delightful panna cotta for pudding, the students shared their stories at supper. It was clear that long-term friendships were already forming. The treasure hunt results were counted and ready to announce. Unfortunately, none of the teams could be crowned “Top Detectives”, as they were unable to crack the code. Yet a fantastic effort was shown from all the participants and “Treasure Funters” happily took home the prize for “Best Team Name”.

More Fun and Games

A second evening of ice-breaker games began with a warm-up game of “Evolution” , dutifully watched by Charles Darwin on the wall. This fun and silly game has the students acting from eggs to chickens, from dinosaurs to eagles, and finally into Supermen, providing they win their battle of ‘rock, paper, scissors’ against another matching creature.

We then moved onto “Mafia”. Corroboration, conspiracy and confusion filled the room, as the students worked tactically to reveal the Robert De Niro’s, the Al Pacino’s and Joe Pesci’s of the group. Any ice remaining really has been broken. The third day awaits the students with chauffeured punting and a formal dinner at Magdalene college. Hopefully the sunny weather in Cambridge will last!


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