Living it Large in London Town!


After their guided tour of Oxford one of the students informed me that Hitler had intended to make the city his capital had he won the war. Fortunately such an awful outcome did not materialise (just joking!) and Oxford is now just home to our arch rival. The Romans had a far better taste for cities and so our Sunday excursion brought us to London!

We began the day with a stroll down Embankment, gazing across the Thames at the London Eye and the Tate Modern, two institutions famous for their geometric shapes. We reached our tour guides under the shadow of the Palace of Westminster.

Off to London to Visit the Queen

The students were then whisked around the magisterial sights of London; attempting to make the Horse Guards in Hyde park laugh and popping into Buckingham Palace for a cuppa with Liz.

As we ended the tour in Green Park tummies could be heard rumbling, frightening a a horde of school children playing Pokemon Go. It was lunch time! We headed to the iconic Ritz hotel, nestled on the corner of the park, and then proceeded to walk past it to Pret A Manger and Itsu.

Fuelled by some of London’s finest eateries, the students were given the freedom to explore London. From soaking in the world’s greatest collection of stolen items in the  British Museum to shopping in Selfridges!

The bus journey back was spent recanting tales of Persian back-scratches and jealously staring at gorgeous heels found half price in the sales! The day was capped off with a film and the perennial trickery and deceit in a game of Mafia.

Tired but with smiles on their faces, the students turned in for the night, counting their blessings and sleeping contently, safe the knowledge that, once again, they were in Cambridge.


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