London Trip! by Sofia

Saturday, 10 July 

Well, today was a really exciting day for me. Firstly, I got to ride on a “coach” for the first time in my life (they are like formal buses). On my way there, I got the opportunity to see beautiful trees and flowers. As a person who has lived in a city built in the middle of the desert, seeing wildlife truly makes me feel a different kind of joy. I find it funny how my friends are so used to seeing this amazing ecosystem that they don’t really find beauty in it anymore. 

We arrived in London, and it was amazing as well; even though I found myself a bit overwhelmed with the number of people in the streets, my friends kindly held my hands and also helped me see the beauty in city life. 

I felt truly happy through the day in London, even though my friend and I got lost for a bit, everything turned out perfectly. Also, shoutout to Will for being an amazing Mentor.

After London, we had a movie night and watched a really funny film with popcorn and plenty of tasty treats. It was the perfect way to end a tiresome but fulfilling day. After so much excitement, I was more than ready to sink into my bed, ready for the next day in Oxford!

Sofia, Sidney Sussex, Session 1


Blog - London Trip! by Sofia

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