Long Walks & Great Talks

Walks and Talks
Walks and Talks

The second Monday of Immerse Education was no less busy than the week gone by. Time has a habit of speeding up in Cambridge despite the days feeling long and full of exciting activities. Such is the nature of the Cambridge Bubble.

The two academic sessions were broken up with a tour of Gonville & Caius College. Founded in 1348, Caius is the fourth oldest college within the University and is notable for eminent thinkers and scientists such as Francis Crick, John Venn and the late Steven Hawking. The college also boasts beautiful architecture designed by Alfred Waterhouse of Natural History Museum fame. Those who attended the London trip yesterday noted the similarities between the intricate and ornate buildings.

Heading for the Water

As always, the afternoon was jam-packed with activities. Christ’s college students took to the river Cam for water sports, although many students took the term too literally, ending up far wetter than intended. Kayaks and canoes were launched from the city centre, but as students paddled upstream, buildings melted into greenery and willow trees as the boats became surrounded by the English countryside.

Students at Sidney were spoilt for choice with activities, and many were torn between a relaxing yoga session in the gardens or a walk to the romantic meadows of Grantchester. A clincher for most was the promise of scones and tea at the beautiful Orchard Tea Room in the village, one of Cambridge students’ best-kept secrets. The herd of gentle cows delighted the students, surprising many with their tame and curious nature. With the hot clear spell of weather yet to break, the meadow glowed gloriously in the late afternoon sun.

The evening was rounded off with an inspiring talk by Simon Parker in the McGrath building in St. Catharine’s. As a broadcaster, journalist and travel writer, and having reported from half of the world’s countries by the age of 31, there is very little this man hasn’t done. Both students and mentors said it was amazing, insightful and motivational. We were very grateful to have such an impressive individual come and share his experiences and even luckier to get 40 minutes of questions and answers!

Second, third, fourth and fifth photo by Catarina Rodrigues.


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