Rain, Meadows and Mock Interviews


The international students got a taste of proper English weather this morning, trudging to breakfast and back through that special kind of drizzle that isn’t quite heavy enough to be satisfying but still manages to get you pretty wet.

Rain Rain Go Away


The rain was particularly worrying for the mentors, who spent the day obsessively checking the weather forecast (which at one point predicted a thunderstorm at 5pm) in view of the afternoon’s planned walk to Grantchester. After a rainless lunchtime tour of Emmanuel and Downing Colleges, the decision was made: the Grantchester trip would go ahead, for those hardy enough to brave it. Once the afternoon tutorials finished, a group of raincoat-equipped adventurers began to assemble (including a few who wanted to catch what Pokémon could be found en route – we’re told the area outside the church proved a particularly fruitful spot). Those more suspicious of the ominously grey sky stayed at Christ’s and watched a film in the lecture theatre (the wimps).

Thankfully, BBC Weather’s predictions of thunderstorms turned out not to be true, and the Grantchester crew enjoyed a gorgeous walk along the Cam, which ended with much-needed refreshments at the Red Lion. The evening brought the bulk of the mock-interviews and subject chats which participants had been doing over the previous couple of days. Mentors had the surreal task of re-enacting the interview processes they’d been through, but this time in the position of interviewer. Anyway, the participants seemed to get a lot out of the experience, and to survive the personal statement grilling they received at the hands of the mentors-cum-interviewers.


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