Ollie’s Poem: Speed Croquet and Magdalene Formal Hall

Ah, Cambridge! 

Yesterday was by far the most eagerly anticipated day,

With more tutorials, a formal and even some speed croquet

In the morning the students continued to study hard,

But then they let off some steam with sports in the yard.

Although in the beginning, croquet they could not play

When the time came to leave they just wouldn’t pack away,

Courses were set up for lots of different groups

And the winners were the ones who got through all the loops.

The students all paired up, with a mallet and a ball

We played games for ages even though the courses were quite small,

When the time was up we all headed home

And we even had some free time: round the college we could roam.

After this we went to Magdalene for a special formal meal

Everyone dressed up, wearing shirts, dresses and even some heels

We were served three courses – we were in luck

This included a broccoli tart or otherwise crispy duck.

The formal hall ended with a walk up the River Cam

And we told them about the next activity so they could go and cram

Then we piled into the lecture theatre for the evening quiz,

Who’d of thought that Andrew was such a Geography whiz.

There were eight rounds in total, including Movies and History,

But until the Cambridge Trivia was done, the winner was a mystery

‘Scandinavian Domination’ were given the prize for the best name,

But in the end the boys named ‘PP’ won the overall game.

There were laughs and cheers and claps all around

The victors waltzed up on stage ready to be crowned

After a whole evening of thinking with their head,

The curfew came about and the students went to bed.


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