Punting and the Talent Evening!

university talent
university talent

Thursday marked the start of the penultimate day of tutorials for the students and everyone at breakfast remarked how well they slept following the beautiful walk to Grantchester on the previous day. Over the two week course the participants have made great friends and hence breakfast routines are becoming akin to a boarding school environment. Groups congregate in the same places in the hall and participants look like veterans of the University lifestyle.

Back to Punting

After a busy day of tutorials, the participants were lucky enough to have perfect weather to put their punting expertise to the test. We punted at a leisurely (or racing, depending on your boat) pace down the shimmering Cam, watching out for landmarks along the famous Backs including Trinity College Library and the Bridge of Sighs. Punting without a guide brought out the competitive side in many boats, demonstrating speed, agility and impressive 360° turns. While most boats stuck to the Cambridge punting method of poling from the back of the boat, a couple of us controversially favoured the Oxford style. All boats except one avoided the obstacles of swans and oncoming boats…providing much laughter at dinner that evening! There was time for trips into town after punting, including to the ever-popular Fudge Kitchen.

Time for The Talent Show

Until now, the participants have shone in discussions, debates and presentations in daily tutorials. Today we were audience to a selection of rather different talents at the inaugural Immerse Education Talent Show!

With a flurry of last-minute sign ups, the rehearsal rooms were fully booked in the hours leading up to the big night. The audience held their breath as the lights dimmed…and the show began. The mentor boys kicked off proceedings with a hilarious rendition from Anchorman; even more hilarious was the scathing critique from the judging panel.

The following two hours were packed with too many fantastic performances to list them all. Special mentions must go to Sophie, Meg and Helena singing Maroon Five’s ‘Sunday Morning’; Gabrielle’s beautiful Swan Lake ballet, which received a standing ovation; Jay channelling Tracy Chapman and Clemens’ unique speed drawing that left the judges lost for words.

The evening was brought to a close with group karaoke. Highlights of this portion of the talent show included Spice Girls hits, Iggy Azalea, Colbie Caillat and the Lion King Soundtrack. Before long, the whole auditorium was on their feet singing the Lion Sleeps Tonight.

It was a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the many and diverse talents here at Immerse Education, and a truly unforgettable night with new friends.


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