Quintessentially Cambridge


On Thursday, the day started with the routine breakfast and morning academic session, but the rest of the day involved some of the most quintessentially Cambridge traditions.

During lunchtime, whilst students had the opportunity to discover the food the city has to offer, students also had the opportunity to visit the University of Cambridge’s museum, The Fitzwilliam Museum. Students discovered various collections of art, from furniture to beautiful 14th-century paintings. One student was amazed by some of the big names she spotted, such as Renoir and van Gogh.

Off to Punt

For afternoon activities, Sidney Sussex based students went on a guided punt. It was a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery as we travelled down the River Cam, passing 8 of the University’s colleges, including some of its biggest. Students learned that the bridge at St. John’s College which served as a backdrop in the film The Theory of Everything was in fact carved out of a single piece of stone.

Meanwhile, St. Catharine’s and Christ’s based students enjoyed Krashball, a new sport for many which offers a great way to blow off steam after a day of learning.

The day ended with a decadent formal dinner at St. John’s College. Once dressed up in their fanciest attire, students enjoyed a salmon starter, a chicken main and a chocolate fondant dessert, finished off with after-dinner chocolate truffles. Food was served inside a traditional Cambridge dining hall, with the traditional Latin grace read by one of our very own mentors.

First, second, fourth and fifth photo by Catarina Rodrigues.


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