Out on the Town: Academic Sessions, Scavenger Hunt and Swaps Dinners

On Tuesday, some long-awaited chilly weather replaced the unusual heat of the first couple of days. The day was kicked off with a traditional full English breakfast in our college Dining Halls, setting the students up for their second day of academic sessions.   At lunchtime, after the academic sessions were over the students ventured into one of the most historic and beautiful buildings in all of Europe – King’s College, Cambridge. Founded in 1441 by King Henry VI, the students were in awe by the beauty and sheer magnitude of the buildings. Visiting the college’s chapel, possibly the most iconic building on Cambridge, was a particular highlight. Today’s tour was the first of many, where the students have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of what living in college can be like, from student accommodation to sporting facilities.    

Time to Go (Scavenger) Hunting

  After the afternoon academic session, the St. Catharine’s and Christ’s based students got the chance to enjoy the exciting scavenger hunt that Sidney took part in yesterday, which was complemented by the return of some sunshine! The bonus round of taking the funniest group photo was a definite favourite, with the prizes being very hard fought for between the teams. It was a brilliant opportunity for everyone to explore Cambridge independently whilst searching near and far for some very obscure landmarks!  

  Dinner saw us head to Jamie’s Italian for some beautifully prepared food and even better company. All three college groups were in the restaurant as Immerse Education’s nod to the University’s tradition of ‘swaps’, in which students from different colleges join together to dine and socialise.  

First photo by Catarina Rodrigues.


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