Speed Croquet Tournament, and Ultimate Frisbee!

Wednesday at Immerse Education saw the participants tackling complex questions such as ‘Does God exists?’, should there be general product liability under law and how far does physics relate to chemistry? Each subject tutorial faced a challenging and interesting topic of their own for the day; for example, the biology students learnt the intricacies and scientific development of cells. After a strenuous morning of studying, an enjoyable lunch was had by all as participants visited popular eateries such as Subway, Aromi (again! – It’s quickly becoming a big hit amongst all of the students), and the Cambridge Crepe Van.

Time for Some Croquet

The second session of tutorials flew by with the promise of an afternoon playing Croquet in the sunshine on Jesus Green. Everyone paired up, taking control of a mallet between them, to race to get through all the hoops and be crowned the croquet kings or queens. Phillip, Ludwig and Megan found newfound hope for professional sporting careers, as they showed complete dominance on the croquet pitches. On the other hand, others struggled to master the skills required, resorting instead to the controversial technique of wielding the mallet as a golf club – which unfortunately did not come off any more successfully! Once the matches were finished, many enjoyed a short game of American football, whilst a circle of students and mentors enthusiastically engaged in a game of ‘Ping, Pang, Pong.’

Competition Heats Up

Mousakka and mackerel awaited the energy-depleted game players back in Christ’s, followed by meringues and ice-cream for all. We were blessed with a beautiful evening of clear skies and long-lasting daylight, which meant the planned evening activity of Ultimate Frisbee was perfectly timed. Although a few Canadian participants were familiar with this unusual, yet traditional Cambridge sport, it was new to most, and everyone seemed keen to get involved. Clifford, having never played Frisbee before, was revealing incredible defence moves by the time of his team’s second match. The comedy highlight of the evening was definitely Ali’s mis-timed, and seemingly slow motion flop to the ground as he dived to catch an incoming Frisbee, collapsing into a heap of laughter. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to this new sport, and no doubt we will have many keen players back for more later on in the programme!


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