The day before Graduation – Sydney 2023

Thursday, 12th January 2023

On most Thursdays, you would find me locked away in my bedroom, buried under mounds of school work with my face illuminated by the light of my computer screen. Yet, on this Thursday, you would find me in a room of kids, cheering and clapping at one another’s performances.

Sitting in that room watching the Talent Show, it daunted us that this would be the last few moments we spent together as a large group. Different from the first day when everyone barely knew anyone, we were now dragging each other to join dances and songs. In that room, I found myself enjoying every ticking moment, with no worries of the outside. I found like-minded individuals that I could talk to endlessly.

The St. Paul’s College campus has become our bubble. Even though this course is academic, the experience was more holistic than that. Within our classrooms, our tutors showed infinite patience to our questions and never once made us feel bad over our endless queries. They were all willing to share their expertise, even going above and beyond to support us with school work. Each tutor had their own unique teaching styles, but they were all engaging and provided incredible insights into our fields of interest.

Beyond the classroom, we would engage in activities and afternoon excursions. From the surfing trip that was new to many of us to the delightful musical that made us laugh (some cried), they were all valuable experiences. There was never a boring moment…even if we were doing homework until 10:30 p.m.

These activities brought us together. There is no doubt they have become part of our core memories. These friends that we’ve made, and the mentors that we’ve looked up to, have not only changed but also motivated us to pursue our passions.

In these last few hours, I have been trying to find ways to prolong time. But time flies when you’re having fun. Though the people might go, we’ll remember each other, we’ll keep in touch, and we’ll meet again.

Thank you so much friends, mentors, tutors, and USyd staff. Thank you Immerse.


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