Tutorials, Commence!

The first full day at Immerse Education took off with a blast this morning as the students waited eagerly outside the tutorial rooms for their first lesson, just before 10am. Within 15 minutes, the Maths students were thoroughly engrossed in the numerous new equations and theories the tutor had written on the board. Meanwhile, there was an intense discussion of the recent Israel/Palestine conflict and the theories of democracy within the International relations group. By lunchtime, the students already felt challenged, were happy with their tutors and were interacting well with other members of their classes, as they set off to enjoy the sunshine and dine in one of our recommended, delicious Cambridge cuisines. After lunch, the students settled down for another enriching afternoon involving learning about the set-up of the English legal system amongst our law students.

Treasure Hunt Time

At 4pm, the participants began their treasure hunt adventure. Equipped with a list of suspects, weapons and clues, they were able to independently explore some of the more subtle elements of the town in true ‘Cluedo’ style.  Orienteering skills were put to the test. This culminated in two winning teams: having the correct answer and the most original team name – Christ’s College Crusaders!

Despite the busy day, the students were full of life at dinner time to sing a roaring ‘Happy Birthday’ to one of the participants and were delighted to share out the hedgehog-shaped chocolate cake! A second evening of fun-filled ice-breaker games awaited them.

Speed Acquainting

The night started with ‘Speed Acquainting’. The participants sat anxiously opposite their first partner, yet within the first minute the silent hall had been transformed to a bustling sound of chatter. As the students jumped from person to person, quizzing each other with light-hearted questions such as “Spiderman or Batman?” and “Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?”, they could have continued all night if we hadn’t stopped them! We then moved into smaller groups to play games such as ‘Two truths, One Lie” and “Mafia”, where true characters shone. A very successful day all around. Let day three commence!


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