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Picking a future sounds daunting when you have so much to choose from; art, science, politics, design, medicine, and entrepreneurship. You may like one of these or even something outside the constraints of these six fields, but it’s hard to choose what to do anyway. Immerse lets you find that subject that makes you talk louder than you normally would, smile larger than you are used to, and even work after office hours. In this programme, you explore what parts of a subject you find fascinating and those things that may not be your favorite in a way that you have a head start on your future. 

With Immerse, what you are passionate about is not only encapsulated in the wonderful conversations, workshops, and projects that go on in the classroom, but they translate into the exciting excursions that happen during your stay in London, Oxford, Cambridge, or Sydney. For instance, I am passionate about art and anything creative, whether that is in what I studied with them, creative writing, music, paintings, or theatre.

Immerse found a way to please those who are like me, yet also impress those who know nothing about musicals, and took us to the Theatre Royal to watch an outstanding musical called Come From Away. The musical celebrates humanity by raising the problems we must work together to solve, such as racial and gender inequalities, and also how we come together in a crisis. It unites people from all ethnicities and backgrounds, just like Immerse does. It is beautiful to witness that union with lively music, interesting characters, and deep moments. Come From Away was a gorgeous representation of all those stories that happened during 9/11; those who lost loved ones, those who felt afraid, and those who had to help. Just like this excursion, there are plenty that fit each one’s tastes and ambitions.

That is the essence of Immerse, finding a little bit of everything and letting you experience what you enjoy the most and try what you find challenging, in a way that everyone has fun and grows. Immerse, for me, has meant adventure and personal development. I have been able to travel across the world, I’ve met people from all nationalities, made friendships that can last a lifetime, and the knowledge that I have people rooting for me everywhere.

Thank you, Immerse!!

This blog post was written by Ana Maria, Academic Insights Sydney Participant, 2023. Ana Maria also attended Academic Insights Cambridge the previous year.


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