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Why study chemistry (and how to know if it’s for you)


If you’ve ever wondered why you should study chemistry, there are several reasons that can help you make up your mind. Chemistry is necessary for a variety of fields ranging from engineering to medicine, and the knowledge gained from studying it can be invaluable. In addition to its practical applications, studying chemistry allows you to explore the fundamentals of our world, both on a macro and micro level.

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First of all, a basic understanding of chemistry can be beneficial for careers such as engineering and medicine. Engineers often need to use chemical principles to calculate and design various systems, while doctors must understand how drugs interact with the human body on a molecular level. Furthermore, a background in chemistry is essential for any scientist or researcher in order to conduct meaningful experiments.

In addition, studying chemistry allows you to explore a wide range of topics that can give insight into the fundamental workings of the universe. You can learn about the composition of matter, energy transformations and much more. This knowledge can provide you with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world around you. It also can help you develop critical thinking skills which can be useful in other areas of study and life.

Finally, chemistry can be extremely fascinating, allowing you to explore some of the most complex natural processes involved with living things and chemical reactions in our environment. It is also constantly evolving and developing through research conducted every day all over the world. This means that there will always be something new to learn if you choose to pursue it further.

Overall, studying chemistry is an incredibly rewarding experience that can open the door to new opportunities, broaden your knowledge base, and provide an immense sense of satisfaction from mastering its fundamental concepts. Whether you are interested in exploring its practical applications or immersing yourself in fundamental scientific questions, chemistry is an area of study worth considering.


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