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There are many reasons to study Architecture at university. Explore five of the best reasons to get an Architecture degree and learn the benefits of getting into such an exciting industry. 

Why study architecture at university? 

1. Creativity brought to life

As an architect, you get the opportunity to work in an industry where your creative ideas are brought to life in a tangible end result.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a residential architect who spends their time building residential properties or a commercial architect who builds large commercial buildings (think London’s Gherkin or the Shard), being an architect means that you will see your creative vision brought to life and who knows, it might even become a famous landmark!

Not sure what type of architect you want to be? Read our article on the 7 different types of architects here.

2. Opportunities to travel the world

Architects are needed worldwide, so naturally, you will have ample opportunities to travel, see different countries and meet people from different cultures. As an architect, you will also be inspired by visiting other incredible monuments and buildings.

What better way to learn about gothic architecture than by visiting Notre Dam? Being in this industry is bound to help you see the world as a blank canvas to which you’re a much-needed contributor.

Not only that, you can study architecture in a variety of places around the world, and that’s why we put together our best UK universities for Architecture and what you can expect from each.

3. The art & analysis combo

The artist and the analytical skills often seem to be complete opposites, but the nature of architecture brings both of these skills together.

As an architect, you will be expected to have a creative vision and an artistic way of thinking, but you will also need to apply logical skills to bring your vision to life. The logic of maths is an essential tool needed to be a successful architect, just as much as creativity.

The good news is both of these skills can be fostered and developed over time.

4. Working for yourself

If you like making your own schedule and working for yourself, architecture is an excellent opportunity.

Once you are officially trained and certified as an architect the world truly is your oyster. Not only will you travel and work on projects that inspire you, but you’ll also be able to work wherever you please.

Check out the 8 best career options for architects and how much you can potentially earn!

5. Work with purpose

Being an architect means you get to create impactful results. Whether bringing to life a famous city landmark or a sustainable building design that co-exists with our world’s current needs, you can make a true impact and gain incredible results that will affect others positively for years to come. 

Want to leave a lasting imprint on the world through an architect’s lens? Join Immerse’s Architecture summer programme to see what studying architecture at the university level is really like.

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