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Are you looking for the best UK universities for Architecture? Choosing a university is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

If you’re planning to study architecture at university, it’ll help jumpstart your architecture career and help you achieve your career goals.

You’ll find the 10 best architecture universities in the UK in this list. Each university has its respective attractive quality to draw you in and if you’re not sure about studying Architecture, then check out our architecture summer schools for high school students.

list of 10 top ranked UK universities for architecture degrees

Which one will you choose? Read on!

1. University Of Cambridge

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The University of Cambridge is an international organisation spearheading research and education for over 800 years. Its mission is to contribute to society by providing the highest global excellence for research and learning.

As a testament to its excellence over the centuries, it raised 110 Nobel Prize Winners and 47 Heads of State. Moreover, over 90% of former students find employment or undertake further studies within six months after graduation.

kings college chapel in cambridge showcasing beautiful architecture

The University of Cambridge is based in (you guessed it…) Cambridge, England! Cambridge is known for its architectural wonders, including King’s College (pictured above), and more.

Of course, it has one of the top spots in the university rankings because 95% of the Cambridge graduates were employed where their course is relevant. And these graduates started with a high-annual salary of £22,000. Interested in 8 different career prospects for architects?

Most of the graduates became architects, town planners, and surveyors.

So if you want to increase your prospects of having a bright, high-paying career, apply to the University of Cambridge for architecture! You’ll need to pass an interview so check out our architecture interview questions for university for more guidance.

2. University College London

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The University College London made history when it was the first university in England, United Kingdom, to accept women and students from any religion. It stays true to its progressive approach to breaking boundaries and creating an impact to solve world problems.

It is located in England’s capital, London, and houses more than 42,000 students from 150 different countries globally. You’d be interested to know that the University College of London produced 30 Nobel Prize Winners, changing the course of history for the better. You also get to witness some amazing brutalist architecture.

Considering that the latest Research Excellence Framework rated the University College London as the Top University in the UK, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the top architecture universities in the UK. It aims to guide its students toward discovering their architectural vision.

As an architecture student, you’ll spend most of your time in the workshop and studio. 70% of the course involves teaching and assessing your design portfolio. The University College of London provides leading practitioners and academics to guide your hand in design teaching.

3. University Of Edinburg

The University of Edinburgh is a global university registered in Scotland, United Kingdom, aiming to contribute through global partnership, community, and exchange. Since it first operated in 1583, it has influenced history with its Nobel Prize Winners, Prime Ministers, and Olympic Champions.

Two of the most notable historical figures are Joseph Black, who discovered Carbon Dioxide, and James Hutton, the “Father of Modern Geology.”

True enough, the 2022 QS World University ranked the University of Edinburgh Top 16th worldwide. It also claims that employers rank graduates from this prestigious university as the world’s Top 25th.

Aside from its academic prowess, the University of Edinburgh is among the top ranked universities for architecture because Edinburgh is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a beautiful place of architectural design, and you’ll never run out of real-world inspiration for your portfolio!

4. Loughborough University

Students across the UK love Loughborough University. So much that the Whatuni? Student Choice Awards 2020 named Loughborough University the University of the Year. Guess who had the authority to make this decision?

The students themselves are currently enrolled. They submitted reviews and ratings expressing their extreme satisfaction with Loughborough University’s services.

They offer a “renowned student experience” by providing every student with the opportunity and resources they need to reach their true potential.

What are these resources? Diverse connections with the industry ensure you’ll have a remarkable career ahead of you. Excellent, modern facilities within their 440-acre single-site campus are conducive to learning. And, of course, positive teaching methods put you, their beloved student, at the heart of everything they do.

Loughborough University’s positive, student-centered approach to learning is so efficient that the National Student Survey 2019 ranked Loughborough University as England’s Top Educational Institution for overall satisfaction.

5. Manchester School Of Architecture

The Manchester School of Architecture is one of the UK’s largest and best UK architecture universities. The QS World rankings ranked it Top 11 in the world. It’s worth checking out our a-level requirements for architecture if you’re not sure of what to study and what it takes to get into architecture at Manchester.

The University of Manchester and the Manchester Metropolitan University united their two architecture schools to form the Manchester School of Architecture. For over 100 years, it has produced qualified architects in the UK who are among the most sought-after by employers. As a student, you can access two of Manchester’s universities’ resources – libraries, media workshops, studios, computer suites, and more!

Manchester is known as the “City of Architects” because of its cultural, architectural, and sporting legacy. Thus, making it an excellent place for architecture students. The Neo-Classical Manchester Central Library and Imperial War Museum are breathtaking beauties that will excite and inspire your designs.

So if you need access to wide-range of resources and inspiration, joint universities located in a striking city are sure to satisfy you.

6. University Of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is a Russell Group of 24 elite UK research university members. No wonder the QS World University Rankings rated it as Top 17th in the UK. And the Whatuni Student Choice Awards named it the No. 1 Students’ Union in the UK for three consecutive years – 2017, 2018, and 2019.

It’s recognised by the Royal Institute of British Architects and prescribed by the Architects Registration Board. And the Complete University Guide Subject Tables 2021 ranked it as 4th in the UK for architecture.

As a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture student at the University of Sheffield, you’ll undergo a three-year program focusing on the balance of theory, design work, and professional experience. Your teachers are experts in their respective fields. Thus, giving you the guarantee of excellent training and education.

The University of Sheffield believes in architecture that makes a difference. They are passionate about improving the lives of those who live in it and use it. If you believe the same, then the University of Sheffield may just be the right school for you!

7. Lancaster University

Lancaster University is “more than learning; it’s belonging.” If feeling a sense of belonging in a community is a characteristic you highly prize, check out Lancaster University. The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022, The Complete University Guide 2022, and The Guardian University Guide 2022 include Lancaster University among UK’s Top Universities.

Lancaster University recently opened its new Architecture programme for aspiring architects. Given its outstanding reputation, Lancaster University will surely grow to be among the best.

As an architecture student, your three-year architecture degree consists of modules covering advanced digital design skills, building design, building materials, and professional practice. Lancaster University pushes you to new horizons. But they make sure to do it with constant guidance in your research and studies. Even beyond, all the way to your career. 

Plus, Lancaster University gives particular emphasis on sustainability. So if that’s something you’re passionate about, you’d love to join the community!

8. Cardiff University

Curiosity and creativity drive research and teaching at the University of Cardiff. This results in graduates with the talent, motivation, and enthusiasm that employers seek.

That’s why 97% of graduates are employed or are enrolled in further study, proving why Cardiff is in the Top 5 schools for architecture in the UK. As an architecture student at Cardiff University, you’ll be rooted in creativity and able to solve real-world problems using your design practice.

So it’s no wonder that the Graduate Outcomes Survey 2017/18 states that a staggering 98% of architect graduates are employed or enrolled for further study.

You’ll be happy to know that Cardiff University offers a rich, well-rounded student life. Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2020 ranks Cardiff University 3rd as the UK’s Best Student’ Union. With over 200 societies supporting all forms of interests, you’re sure to feel a sense of community.

9. University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is considered in this list due to its membership in the prestigious Russell Group of universities and its strong focus on the study of architecture.

The program at the University of Nottingham is fully validated by the ARB and the RIBA, which leads to exemption from Part Two of the three-part qualification program for professional architects in the UK.

Furthermore, the University of Nottingham has outstanding statistics in terms of graduate employment, with 87.3% of undergraduates from the Department of Architecture and Built Environment securing graduate level employment or further study within 15 months of graduation. Additionally, the average annual salary for these graduates was £23,150.

10. University of Bath

The University of Bath is a highly respected institution for studying architecture in the UK. As a leading research-intensive university, the University of Bath offers a comprehensive and challenging architecture program that is fully accredited by RIBA. and ARB.

This accreditation means that graduates are eligible for exemption from Part 2 of the professional qualifying exam for architects in the UK.

Additionally, the University of Bath is known for its strong graduate employment statistics, with over 80% of architecture graduates securing graduate-level employment or further study within six months of graduation, and an average starting salary of £23,000. The University of Bath is also located in a city with a rich architectural heritage, providing students with ample opportunity to study and explore different styles of architecture.

Is The UK A Good Country To Study Architecture?

The UK is a great country to pursue a degree in architecture. The country has a strong tradition of architectural education and many universities offering architecture programs are internationally recognised and highly ranked. According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject, the UK is home to six of the top 50 architecture schools in the world.

It is highly regulated and the accreditations sought-after, as well as a rich architectural heritage, makes it a great choice to study in the UK. This also allows students to gain hands-on experience by working on real-world projects, in and around historic buildings and landmarks.

Which UK Universities For Architecture Caught Your Eye?

There you have it! You’ve reviewed 10 of the best architecture universities in the UK. We at Immerse Education are dedicated to giving you the resources you need in choosing the University that suits your future career goals. Expert tutors teach our architecture summer schools, all of them from the world’s best universities.

So, which university caught your eye? Aside from the location, which factor weighs most to you when making the life-changing decision of choosing schools?

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