A Taste of Cambridge

Over the past few days, participants have truly become immersed in what Cambridge has to offer. Punting on the Cam under a cloudless sky, our mentees learnt about each college’s rich and vibrant history, from a local tour guide. This proved an enjoyable activity for all, with participants raving about Kings’ iconic architecture.

The Formal Hall Tradition

On Wednesday evening, participants were invited to take part in possibly their most Cambridge of Cambridge experiences yet: a three-course dinner in Jesus College’s formal hall. Our mentees dressed up to the nines and were thrilled at the prospect of having their pictures taken by our photographer-in-residence, Caterina. Given the looks on their faces both before and after the meal, it is safe to say that formal was a success!


On Thursday, participants had the chance to chat one-on-one with Immerse’s mentors. Topics covered included general questions regarding life at Cambridge, personal statement advice and tips on how to succeed in medical school admissions tests. Participants were also able to take part in mock interviews in order to gain a greater insight into the application process.

On Thursday afternoon, participants enjoyed a delightful spot of croquet on Queens’ Backs. Ultimate Frisbee was also on offer, with our own mentor Dip showing that he meant serious business, with the winning throw.

Today marks the final day of lessons. Whilst I will be sad to see the mentees go after getting to know them this past week, I know that they will be leaving on a high, especially given the fantastic graduation party we have planned for them this evening!


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