Cambridge Botanic Gardens and the Evening Quiz!


The final day of the working week eagerly started with students studying hard in their tutorials. In Biology, DNA was being examined whilst in Physics the participants were using electro-magnetism to derive the speed of light! Over in English Literature, the post-colonial book “Foe” by J.M. Coetzee, was enthusiastically discussed.

After a pleasant lunch with their fellow new friends, the students continued their lessons. European Union law was being discussed amongst the law students including an interesting debate about the interaction between the UK and EU system and which should have the overall, highest priority.

A Trip to the Gardens

For the afternoon excursion, the students set off for a relaxing walk around the Cambridge University heritage-listed Botanical gardens. The idyllic gardens feature a rock garden, a maze, and a major restored glasshouse range with full year-round interest from the daintiest alpine to the exotic tropical climbers. The students were sure to have found some plants or environments to intrigue and enchant. Having returned to Christ’s College fully refreshed; suits, posh frocks and even some heels were donned.

Dressed to Impress

Dressed to impress, we proceeded to Magdalene College for a special formal meal. Three courses were served: delicious chicken with avocado, then crispy duck or broccoli tart, with a perfect summer fruit pudding for dessert. As we finished with a walk back up the River Cam, the students were alerted to their last minute “Google” searches as they crammed for the upcoming evening quiz.

In mentor teams, the students tackled the eight buzzing rounds, including TV/Film, Food & Drink and Cambridge Trivia. Guessing baby pictures of the Mentors was definitely a favourite, but “Team Rory” stormed ahead to a well-earned victory. As the team celebrated with their chocolates and cheers, the students happily went to bed to recuperate before their busy, fun-filled weekend trips to Oxford and London.


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